automated overhead storage liftsDoes your cluttered storage space give you headaches? Does it take you a frustrating amount of time and effort to locate and access stored inventory? Looking for an easier, more efficient solution to maximize your existing storage space? Automated wall and ceiling overhead storage lifts can solve your storage needs. These versatile lifting storage racks are specialized to secure retail inventory, wheelchairs, bikes, canoes, greenhouse plants, and more.

Space-saving overhead storage lifts come in two primary configurations: ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted. Ceiling lifts use durable steel cables to securely suspend stored items from trusses bolted to the ceiling. Wall-mounted lifts attach to the wall in brackets and tilt like a lever to lower stored items to the floor, extending out rather than straight down to avoid disturbing items stored directly underneath. Both types of lifts are motorized with a push-button control, which facilitates easy and ergonomic operation. The mechanisms are sturdy and run on low voltage. As an added benefit, they are categorized as electronic appliances rather than building improvements, which gives you a tax break.

Wall and ceiling overhead storage lifts maximize your unused vertical space, freeing up floor space and storing valuable items out of reach of theft, vandalism, or accidental damage. By using your existing space, they eliminate the need for remodeling and consolidate all of your inventory on-site. Read on to learn about 11 space-saving ideas for overhead storage lift applications.

General Storage Lifts

ceiling mounted cage storage liftsOverhead lifts for general storage applications are available in both ceiling and wall-mounted options. Shelved overhead platform lifts are a standard solution that can be used for almost any application. These overhead storage platforms are great for storing boxes and large loads, such as seasonal retail inventory that you might only bring out once a year. Larger loads are best stored on ceiling-mounted platform lifts, while you can efficiently store smaller or more frequently accessed items on wall-mounted platform lifts that fit above existing shelving. Watch a video and read more about automated overhead storage platform lifts here.

For more secure, versatile storage options, consider a ceiling-mounted cage lift system. Sturdy caged platforms with locking doors provide safe storage space for large inventory, including carts, boxes, and bulky equipment like ladders. Rather than taking up valuable floor space, the lift occupies vertical air space and descends with the push of a button when materials need to be accessed. Watch a video and read more about ceiling-mounted cage lifts here.

Cart Storage Lifts

overhead carts storage liftA variety of overhead lifts are available for storing various kinds of carts. If you have several large carts and dollies you need to store, consider a variation of the ceiling platform lift. Similar to the cage lift, the framework is spacious enough to hold several tall carts and is equipped with latching mechanisms to keep the rolling carts and dollies in place. Rather than cluttering up a warehouse floor, these carts can then be lifted to the ceiling for secure storage. Watch a video and read more about ceiling lifting storage platforms for dollies and carts here.

For applications that might store fewer carts or need more frequent access, consider ceiling or wall lifts designed for individual carts. Individual cart overhead storage options include:

Athletic Storage Lifts

athletic storage wall mounted liftA specialized application that benefits from overhead storage lifts is athletic departments at universities and high schools. Ceiling or wall-mounted overhead lifts are great solutions for storing and organizing infrequently used equipment.

When storage space is tight, maximize your use of vertical air space to store athletic cages and large, bulky equipment with ceiling-mounted storage lifts. Tubs and containers brought out only for away games can be stowed in overhead vertical lifts to free up floor space for more productive purposes. When needed, the storage descends with the push of a button.

For smaller items like laundry hampers and travel cases, consider wall-mounted storage lifts. Stacked laundry hampers or other materials can be stored above existing shelving rather than cluttering up valuable floor space. This keeps them organized and within easy reach for quicker access. Read more about overhead athletic equipment storage here.

Garment Storage Lifts

For retail businesses and clothing manufacturers, storing hanging garments can be a nightmare. Clothing racks cluttering the floor make it hard to find and access inventory that needs to be retrieved. Some facilities even turn to expensive and inconvenient off-site storage to solve their lack of backroom storage space. But overhead garment storage lifts solve these problems much more efficiently and economically by maximizing your available vertical space.

overhead ceiling garment storage liftsCeiling-mounted overhead lifts bolt to the ceiling, with eight-foot-long hang bars that lower to eye level at the push of a button. To fully maximize your storage, add a second hang bar below the first to double the storage space, or use a T-bar set up to hang two bars side by side, allowing for up to four hang bars on a single mechanism. The modular concept allows up to five sections to be installed in a row for a length of 40 feet of hanging garment storage.

Similarly, wall-mounted lifts store garment racks on the walls above existing storage. These can also be mounted in a row. These lifting storage racks add a second level of storage above racks that may already be stored against the wall, doubling your storage space along the walls and opening up floor space. Both ceiling and wall-mounted solutions keep your inventory visible, organized, and easy to retrieve. Since the racks raise and lower automatically, they eliminate the need for ladders and the accompanying risks of employee injury and dropping clothes. Storing inventory overhead also keeps it safe from damage and theft. Watch a video and read more about overhead garment storage lifts here.

Flat-Screen TV & Electronics Storage Lifts

overhead flat screen tv electronics storage liftLooking for a safe and secure way to store bulky flat-screen TVs or similar electronics? Overhead storage lifts provide solutions both for safely displaying big screens in retail and for securely storing stock inventory.

Safely display or store large flat-screen TVs with wall-mounted lifts. Made from welded steel, the overhead lifts are strong and securely support heavy screens. The brackets adjust to fit screens of various sizes. When employees have to hoist a TV up to a temporary elevated display position, they risk dropping and damaging the expensive TV, not to mention injuring themselves. The lift minimizes these risks by lowering automatically for attachment at an ergonomic level, which makes this mounting solution safer for both the merchandise and the individuals handling it.

When it comes to storing flat-screen electronics, vertical ceiling-mounted lifts are a secure solution. Heavy-duty steel cables lift securely-packed carts of boxed electronics overhead, well out of reach of theft or vandalism. And a number of safety features including aluminum safety cables, an electric motor brake, and a free-fall arrestor guarantee that the lift mechanism will securely hold a heavy load of expensive electronics for long-term storage. Watch a video and read more about motorized overhead flat-screen TV and electronics lifts here.

Bicycle Storage Lifts

overhead bicycle storage liftsIf you need an efficient way to store a large number of bicycles, whether it be retail inventory, lost or stolen property, or otherwise, space-saving overhead storage lifts provide a practical solution. Choose from ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted options, both of which store bikes efficiently and minimize the risk of damage to bikes during storage or retrieval.

With ceiling-mounted storage lifts, attach bicycles vertically to eight-foot modular sections which raise inventory to the ceiling. In retail settings, suspend the bikes above the sales floor for an appealing display. The lifting racks descend at the push of a button for much quicker and easier retrieval than traditional storage racks afford. Watch a video and read more about overhead bicycle storage lifts here.

Wall-mounted bike racks are another convenient option that allows you to store your bicycles vertically along your walls, adding another level above existing storage. Bikes are stored securely and visibly and can be easily retrieved as the racks lower automatically to allow easy access. Watch a video and read more about wall-mounted bike racks here.

Wheelchair Storage Lifts

wheelchair overhead storage liftFor medical or commercial facilities that need an efficient system for storing a sizeable quantity of wheelchairs, wall-mounted wheelchair storage lifts are invaluable. Rather than packing floor space with disorganized wheelchairs which are hard to retrieve and easily damaged, maximize your storage space by mounting wheelchair lifting racks onto your walls, above existing storage. Roll up to six folded wheelchairs onto each platform lift, then raise them to the wall with the push of a button. The lifts keep wheelchairs organized, safe from damage, and easy to access. Install several lifts in a row to maximize your storage capacity. Watch a video and read more about overhead wheelchair storage lifts here.

Automotive Tire Storage Lifts

automotive tire overhead storage liftsCar dealerships, tire stores, and garages can all benefit from overhead tire lifts, which provide efficient storage and easy access to automotive tires. Tire storage lifts come in single or double-tier racks that rise to the ceiling for storage. Store the tires in your work area, between garage bays, and eliminate cumbersome trips to a storage room. The racks descend with the push of a button when a tire is needed, reducing the risk of employee injury that they face climbing ladders to retrieve tires. Overhead tire storage also affords better organization since the vertical storage allows selectivity in retrieval that stacking tires do not. Easily retrieve the exact tire needed without the frustration of trying to pick one out of a stack. Watch a video and read more about overhead tire storage lifts here.

Canoe & Kayak Storage Lifts

overhead lifts kayak canoe storageAnyone who needs an efficient way to store boats like canoes and kayaks can benefit from space-saving overhead storage lifts. Athletic departments, parks, and water resorts can use ceiling-mounted lifts to store boats safely during off-seasons. Sporting goods stores can create eye-catching displays by hanging kayaks and canoes above the sales floor.

Overhead boat lifts bolt to the ceiling of your facility and attach to a tiered rolling cart that holds up to eight boats. This rack keeps canoes and kayaks secure and minimizes handling of the boats, as they can be lowered out of storage and rolled to the intended location without physical handling. Storing or displaying the crafts high in the air also reduces the risk of damage like dinging and scraping. Read more about canoe and kayak storage lifts here.

Greenhouse Plant Storage Lifts

overhead greenhouse plant storage liftsDouble your greenhouse capacity with overhead lifts for plants. These lifts turn wasted vertical space into an accessible area to house more income-producing plants. Shelved racks descend on cables from ceiling trusses for easy watering and maintenance of plants, with an optional drip pan as well. The racks support both hanging and shelved plants. Raise the overhead racks to the desired height for elevated storage above your existing greenhouse shelves, and lower to a height convenient for maintenance. Read more about overhead greenhouse storage lifts here.

Helicopter Blade Storage Lifts

helicopter rotor blade overhead storage liftOverhead storage lifts are suited even for the specialized application of storing helicopter rotor blades or similar long and bulky objects. Shelved lifting racks stack blades for efficient storage, and the racks lift to the ceiling for convenient storage. This keeps the blades safe and out of the way when not needed. The racks also come in different sizes, capable of holding blades up to 24 feet long. Watch a video and read more about helicopter blade storage lifts here.

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