Helicopter Blade Repair & Maintenance Storage

helicopter rotor blade repair maintenance liftEven the most unique items need the right storage. Helicopter rotor blade repair and maintenance is just one of these highly specialized applications that require specialized storage. Motorized ceiling storage lifts offer a solution that uses your overhead storage space to keep these heavy and bulky items off your floor area and stored safely to prevent damage. Click here to see more about the motorized ceiling storage lifts.

Storing Blades Using Ceiling Space

In rotor blade maintenance and repair, technicians often receive blades that have already been subjected to damage from corrosion, erosion, or impact. Sometimes the blades are received for preventative maintenance. Either way, rotor blades are heavy, bulky, and take up a lot of space that could be better used for other applications. Storing rotor blades on the floor area also leaves them vulnerable to damage from accidents and exposure to dust and dirt that can contribute to corrosion. Moving the blades is also a pain and a risk. (See videos see videos)

motorized ceiling storage lift helicopter blade repair maintenanceInstead of storing rotor blades waiting for repair and maintenance on the floor, consider going vertical. While your floor space is limited, your ceiling is probably under-utilized—but it can be used for so much more. The motorized ceiling storage lift stores the blades in this open space. During storage, the blades are stored safely and out of the way. When you need to access the rotor blade racks, simply push a button and the ceiling storage lift will automatically lower the racks to floor level. It’s a simple, extremely durable, and reliable. Watch the video above to see how it works.

The lifts are available in different sizes depending on your needs, capable of helicopter blades 22 feet long, 24 feet long, and 16 feet long. Also, the lifts provide a great tax break for your business—since the lifts are categorized as an “electric appliance” and not a “building improvement,” you can avoid a tax increase.

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