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Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines Make For Easy and Organized Tire Storage

Storing tires can be both cumbersome and impractical. Tires take up a lot of space and as much as you would like, you can’t just stack them all the way to the ceiling. But if you do want to take advantage of your unused vertical space and provide easy selectivity, then consider – Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines. These Motorized Tire Storage Racks allow you to maximize your storage space and improve employee efficiency all while creating a safer work environment. With Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines, there are no more forklifts or arbitrarily stacked tires; there’s only organized easy storage. (Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines Images)  (See videos see videos)

Motorized Tire Storage Racks Save Space and are Easy to Operate

The push button controls and security pad on the Motorized Vertical Tire CarouselThe Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines are able to save so much space because they extend vertically to use overhead air space instead of extending horizontally and using valuable floor space. The Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines are easy to operate. To use the machine simply enter a security code and push a button. The Motorized Tire Storage Racks will rotate and bring the tires directly to you for convenient loading and unloading. Click here to learn more about motorized vertical carousels.

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Features and Benefits of Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines

Mortorized Vertical Tire Machine storing tires in overhead space

  • Save Storage Space: The Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines have a small storage footprint because they extend vertically using overhead air space instead of valuable floor space.
  • Simple Operation: With just a push of a button tires are brought to the user.
  • Enhanced Security: With a password protected keypad, stored tires are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Selectivity: Automated Vertical Tire Carousel Machines store tires from 28-44 inches and can hold approximately 350 tires.

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