Double Your Floor Space Instantly with Mezzanines

Running out of floor space but don’t want to expand? Want to turn your unused overhead space into productive work or storage areas? Mezzanines are an economical solution to double or even triple your floor space. These multi-level storage platforms turn wasted overhead space into usable elevated floors and walkways for a variety of applications, including warehouses, fitness centers, restaurants, and more. Read on to learn about:

Benefits of Mezzaninesthree level warehouse mezzanine storage

Mezzanines are a practical solution for any facility in need of more floor space. Don’t bother with expensive expansions if you have empty overhead space you could be using instead. By providing up to two platform levels above your existing floor space, a mezzanine can potentially double or even triple your floor capacity. This gives you extra room for storage, production, adding an in-plant office, additional seating or displays, or more. (Read more about modular in-plant offices here.)

What’s more, your space savings will quickly translate into monetary savings. Mezzanines are a far more economical solution for creating additional floor space compared to costly alternatives like expanding your facility or purchasing off-site space. With your facility no longer cramped or disorganized due to insufficient space, you’ll then be able to mezzanine freestanding structural garmentsstreamline your operations, with quicker access to materials and more space for productive, revenue-generating activities. You’ll also get tax depreciation benefits for installing a mezzanine rather than opting for new construction. (See videos See videos)

Mezzanines also provide flexibility that you can’t get with permanent construction. These multi-level platforms install quickly, and most options are demountable. This means that you can relocate or remove the mezzanine if needed. They are also modular, so you can add on to them as needed. Customize a mezzanine configuration that fits the needs of your facility with the features below and more.

Types of Mezzanines


The most common type of mezzanine is the structural, or freestanding, mezzanine. This mezzanine consists of an elevated deck platform supported by columns, leaving open space beneath. This is the most versatile type of mezzanine because it provides additional floor space usable for almost any purpose, from storage to production to displays and more. Read more about structural mezzanines here.

mezzanine shelving catwalk storage


A catwalk, or shelving, mezzanine is supported by static shelving systems. The double- or triple-level mezzanines form decked aisles between rows of multi-level shelving units. By providing access to tall storage, this mezzanine makes it feasible for your storage to occupy less floor space and instead make use of overhead space. It also provides pathways for personnel to cross to different areas of the warehouse or facility. Read about how a museum implemented a shelving mezzanine here.

Deck Over Shelving

A deck over shelving mezzanine also called a shelving-supported mezzanine, is a sort of combination of these two types. It provides an open platform supported by rows of shelving underneath rather than columns. This gives you additional productive space on top of existing storage you may have.

Customizing Your Mezzanine


deck over shelving mezzanine warehouseMezzanines are available with a variety of framing options depending on the load capacity your facility requires, ranging from light to heavy-duty use. Choose the right size for your application from a range of module dimensions. Mezzanine constructions will also vary based on the needs of the application, ranging from bolted c-section to beam to truss girder support. For structural mezzanines, column spacing is also variable according to the requirements of your facility.


Choose from a variety of different flooring surfaces for your mezzanine. Options include:

  • Bar grating
  • Wood
  • Laminate wood
  • Steel roof deck over resin board, floor plate, or concrete
  • Specialty grating


two story mezzanine storage platformStairs for your mezzanine are available in modular or welded configurations. Choose from configurations including:

  • Straight (no landing)
  • Mid landing
  • L-configuration
  • U-configuration

Gates and Railing

You can pick from a few choices of railing to keep your mezzanine safe and prevent falls, with choices of heights, toe plates, and railing types. You also have the option of adding gates for forklift access to the mezzanine levels. Gate options include:

  • Single swing
  • Double swing
  • Lift-out
  • Sliding
  • Safety pivot


Vertical reciprocating conveyors are freight lifts that transport materials between levels in a building. When selecting a mezzanine, consider installing a VRC as a safe and convenient means of transporting heavy loads to your new elevated platform. Read more about vertical reciprocating conveyors here.

Lights and Sprinklers

Our mezzanines are built to meet OSHA and IBC (International Building Code) standards, but be sure to check your state and local requirements for mezzanine safety. A number of safety features are available to make sure your mezzanine meets all the necessary requirements, including lights and sprinklers beneath the platform.

Mezzanine Applications

mezzanine storage platformMezzanines are commonly used in warehouses and industrial applications for a variety of uses, including storage space, extra production area, conveyor support, and in-plant offices. But a number of other applications can benefit from mezzanines as well, including:

  • Fitness centers
  • Museums
  • Sports facilities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail stores
  • Training facilities
  • Kids’ fun zones
  • Aircraft hangars

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