A vertical garment carousel allows companies to store and organize clothing and wardrobes easily. A motorized clothing carousel uses previously unused vertical space and turns it into a storage space that manages and stores large volumes of clothing in a compact and organized way.

This storage system also increases efficiency when locating clothing, costumes, uniforms, and garments. With just a touch of a button, workers can access the needed garment at an ergonomic level, resulting in reduced retrieval times and increased efficiency.

The hanging garment carousel also features customizable options. Businesses can integrate it with existing ERP and WMS systems. The clothing storage system is an excellent solution for high-density storage needs.

Read on to learn about vertical garment carousels’ benefits, features, and specifications. To see more industrial storage solutions, view our market page.

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Benefits of a Vertical Garment Carousel 

Increase Floor Space

Push-Button Vertical Garment Storage Carousels
One of the major benefits of a garment carousel is that it maximizes overhead space in your warehouse to create vertical storage. The system uses all available vertical space to store garments, saving up to 80% of floor space. This results in a high-density storage solution in a smaller footprint.

Flexible Design

A standard vertical garment carousel can store up to 4,052 garments, including bulky, expensive, or garments requiring a hanging solution. Customization is available to feature four to nine carriers in the carousel. Carousels can hold as little as 1,000 or as many as 4,000 garments.

A garment carousel can also store garments of differing sizes up to 46″ in length and 20″ in width, storing a range of garments within a single carousel. You can choose from a standard carousel, overhead bridge, or multi-tower configurations to fit your needs.

Better Inventory Management

clothing storage systemThe garment carousel offers efficient retrieval and stock management benefits. The carousel can operate in a semi or fully automated mode. A fully automated system can work with existing ERP and WMS systems. As well as barcode and RFID systems, helping manage and improve the accuracy of inventory counts.

The integrated stock control software provides real-time inventory data, allowing for accurate tracking and reporting of current inventory levels. As a result, it makes inventory management easier to control.

Operators can either use push button controls or a smart controller. The smart controller feature allows for easy operation and helps reduce the risk of error.

Increase Safety and Prevents Back Injuries

The garment carousel features a user-friendly design. The design reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing.

The garment carousel also removes the need for ladders. Workers do not need to use risky equipment to reach high shelves. Operators access garments at a safe, ergonomic height, reducing the risk of injury. As a result, it helps avoid work-related injuries.

Reduces Manual Handling

hanging garment carouselThe garment carousel’s design allows for easy management of inventory. It results in reducing the time and effort needed for manual handling. This improves performance and reduces human error. 

Preserves Garment Quality

The garment carousel keeps garments clean and protected. It preserves their quality and prevents damage that could affect the final product. This means that garments maintain their quality and appearance.

Improved Efficiency

Utilizing the semi or fully-automated system, an operator can locate the desired garment with a push of a button. Operators can also rotate the motorized vertical garment carousel either forward or backward. This automation ensures smooth operation and makes restocking or rotating your garment inventory easy and efficient.

Vertical Carousel Features & Specifications

vertical garment carousel storage systemThe vertical garment carousel is a great high-density solution. It offers many features to improve efficiency in any industry. Here are some of the key features of this clothing storage system:

  • Forward/Reverse Push Buttons with Security Keypad and E-Stop
  • 13,000 lbs. weight capacity
  • 15% off-balance load capacity
  • 21′ per minute retrieval speed
  • 2″ mesh guard on the front and back of the machine
  • Two garment protectors per carrier
  • Variable Frequency drive
  • Standard colors are white and grey, but other colors are available upon request

How Vertical Garment Carousels Work

Vertical garment carousels are an automated storage system that consists of motorized carriers, similar to a Ferris wheel, that rotate up and down to deliver garments to an operator at an ergonomically safe height.

The motorized clothing carousel accommodates various garments such as suits, coats, shirts, trousers, and gowns.

Depending on your choice for carousel operation, operators will use push button controls for a semi-automated system or a smart controller for a fully automated system to load and locate clothing, costumes, uniforms, and garments. Either operation makes it easy for one operator to use the carousel.

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