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When it comes to furnishing sterile environments like cleanrooms and hospitals, stainless steel has proven to be the construction material of choice. Some examples of stainless steel furniture include gowning room furniture, laboratory furniture, gowning benches, ESD chairs, cleanroom stool, laminar flow hoods, etc. Whether they are cleanroom tables, cleanroom storage cabinets, or other cleanroom furniture, this smooth surfaces are easy to sanitize, and it isn’t susceptible to rust, corrosion, and other contaminants. So it makes sense that as a growing number of industries are implementing cleanrooms, stainless steel is becoming more and more important.

Besides healthcare, stainless steel has become a staple of cleanrooms and labs in universities and research institutions, the defensive industry, crime labs, cannabis cultivation, and the manufacturing of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, medical devices, automotive parts, nanotechnology, and more. Fortunately for these facilities, there is a range of NSF-certified stainless steel furniture options to meet their various cleanroom needs. Read on to learn about the following seven common types of stainless steel furniture:

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Stainless Steel Casework

stainless steel caseworkOne of the most functional types of stainless steel furniture is casework. These pre-kitted configurations consist of upper wall-mounted and lower base cabinets. Stainless steel casework provides convenient, sanitary storage as well as an ergonomic workspace.

The wall-mounted cabinets have hinged glass doors, providing optimal visibility that makes it easier to locate stored items quickly. You can also choose a sloped top option to prevent dust accumulation. The base cabinets offer even more flexibility. Choose from hinged doors, drawers, or open cabinets depending on the items you need to store. The stainless countertop comes with a backsplash for easier cleaning and provides a convenient workspace where needed materials are stored at your fingertips.

These customizable kits come in a variety of lengths depending on how much storage space you need, and they arrive ready for quick installation. And their modular nature means that you can remove and relocate them when needed, so your investment doesn’t go out the window as soon as your facility gets remodeled. Read more about stainless steel casework here.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are another versatile option for sanitary storage. There is a range of options for cabinets to fit your cleanroom storage needs, whether small or large, wall-mounted or freestanding, and more.

stainless steel cabinet storageThe first thing to consider is what type of cabinet suits your needs. Freestanding cabinets stand up to over 7 feet high and come in varying widths, including single or double-door options. Wall-mounted cabinets are smaller but have the benefit of not occupying any floor space. Both types of cabinets offer a choice of glass or solid hinged doors, and wall cabinets also have the option of open fronts for easier accessibility. They can also come with sliding doors, which are great for limited space since they don’t swing out into the room.

If your floor space is limited, consider installing recessed cabinets, which are built directly into the wall. You can choose full-sized shelved cabinets with hinged safety glass doors, as well as drawer cabinets that include a desk and built-in overhead lighting. Recessed cabinets are available in pass-through options as well, which allows dual entry from rooms on both sides of the wall. This often proves to be a practical option for passing items in and out of a cleanroom without extra staff having to enter the sterile environment.

As with the casework, stainless steel cabinets can be configured to meet your exact requirements. Read more about stainless steel cabinets here.

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless steel tables are an essential fixture for cleanrooms and labs, as they provide a sanitary workspace for research and product development. Naturally, the tables come in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your needs. Some are even height-adjustable with a crank handle so any user can adapt them to an ergonomic height.

stainless steel tables nestedBesides different sizes, stainless steel tables accommodate a number of accessories. A common and practical accessory is an undershelf that offers convenient storage space to keep needed materials within easy reach while working. Additionally, you can opt for a backsplash (1.5-inch or 4.5-inch) to aid in spill protection and ease of cleaning. There’s also a spill-proof option with a raised marine counter edge, great for food preparation and other applications prone to spills.

Another unique table alternative is a set of nested worktables. Here you receive a large, stationary stainless steel table along with one or two smaller rolling tables which stow neatly beneath the larger table while not in use. This gives you extra, mobile counter space when needed without taking up unnecessary floor space when not in use.

Other mobile worktable options come with adjustable drawers, LED task lights, and shelves, which make them an excellent fit for surgery packing and other sterile preparations. Since these tables are on wheels, their simple relocation gives hospitals, cleanrooms, and other facilities the flexibility to use them wherever needed and store them out of the way.


Stainless Steel Shelving

stainless steel shelvingFor quickly accessible storage, stainless steel shelving is another convenient option. When it comes to storing supplies in a sterile environment, you can choose freestanding open cabinets with adjustable shelves as well as the option of sloped tops for ease of cleaning. You can also select easily installable individual wall shelves. These stainless shelves, which are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, come with mounting brackets above or below the shelf as well as the options of tab locks, removable hooks for hanging garments and bags, marine front edges, and more. They provide simple, accessible storage in limited wall space.

Open wire shelving is budget-friendly and modular, with four-post starter units and two-post add-on units to expand your storage cost-effectively. Shelves are adjustable on 1-inch increments, but add-on unit shelves must be installed at the same level as the adjacent unit. The wire mesh shelving allows light and air to pass through, which provides better visibility, prevents the buildup of dust and moisture, and affords better air circulation.

Stainless Steel Garment Racks

stainless steel garment racksStainless steel racks provide sanitary storage for hanging garments such as lab coats and uniforms. Electropolished for maximum corrosion resistance and a bright finish, these stainless racks come in freestanding or wall-mounted options.

Freestanding racks are four-post or cantilever, available in stationary or rolling options. Wall-mounted racks are best for meeting smaller, fixed storage needs, although they conveniently leave the floor space below free. You can opt for racks with non-removable hangers (which means you never have to worry about misplacing hangers or getting them tangled up), available with anywhere from 15 to 56 hanger slots. Other options come with suspended hooks (up to 104 per rack) or a hanger tube that lets you supply your own hangers. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to find a selection that meets your garment storage needs.


Stainless Steel Lockersstainless steel lockers

Stainless steel lockers provide secure storage for valuables in sanitary environments. With their resistance to corrosion and rust, they are also a popular choice for wet, refrigerated, or outdoor environments.

Configurations include one-door, two-door, and six-door lockers that can accommodate items of various sizes. Single and double tier configurations can store hanging garments and larger bags, while the compact box lockers are better for storing small valuables like cell phones and wallets. Since they are suitable for wet environments, padlocks are the standard locking mechanism, although you can choose the option of built-in key or combo locks as well.  You can order these lockers single or in sets of three-wide, with the option of shipping assembled for ease of installation.

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Stainless Steel Carts

When you need to transport materials in a sanitary environment like a hospital, stainless steel carts are the ideal solution. There is a myriad of stainless steel cart options depending on your application. For instance, some carts can serve as mobile workstations. With wire shelving and optional mouse trays, these carts are designed to support a laptop, allowing personnel to work on the go in healthcare and other sanitary environments.

Another cart option is essentially a stainless steel cabinet on wheels. These shelved carts provide sanitary mobile storage for materials, and transparent glass doors provide optimal visibility. This minimizes the frequency of opening the doors and potentially exposing the products to contaminants while searching for an item.

stainless steel security cartOther carts are built for security. Mesh cages on wheels allow you to lock up valuable electronics, medical supplies, and other materials for safe transportation. The wire caging provides full visibility of the stored items as well as improving airflow and preventing the accumulation of dust or moisture. And of course, it’s also easy to clean.

Some stainless steel carts are designed to transport instruments and supplies to the operating room. These sanitary carts have adjustable shelves and reinforced doors to protect stored supplies from contamination during transport. They come in varying dimensions and are typically equipped with a push handle for maximum maneuverability. You can also add a tamper seal hasp for additional security. Read more about medical stainless steel carts here.

And for basic transportation purposes, pick from a variety of open utility carts, with two or three shelves for efficient storage capacity, raised lips and bumper guards to prevent spills, and ergonomic push handles for ease of mobility. These unassuming carts make it easy and safe to move materials in a sterile environment.

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