Hospitals’ infection control and patient safety are absolute priorities to achieve exceptional patient care. Southwest Solutions Group provides various infection control solutions to improve patient care, enhance productivity, and maximize the space in your hospital. Below are some innovative solutions we offer.

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UV Sterilizer Technology

Research shows that Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) kill at least 270 people daily, costing hospitals about $40,000 for each infected patient. One of the most common and easily preventable ways HAIs spread is through constantly touching surfaces (ex., stethoscopes, phones, oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, etc.). New technology like ultraviolet (UV) sanitizing systems kill bacteria on contact to protect patients from infectious diseases.

Nurse Servers

Pass-through patient room cabinets are called nurse servers and store essential supplies and medications at the point of use. These innovative pass-through type cabinets are built into patient room walls. Nurse servers allow medical supplies and medications to be stocked outside the patient’s room, reducing the patient’s exposure to infections. Nurse servers also allow nurses to spend less time retrieving supplies and more time providing quality care to patients.

High-Density Sterile Storage

High-density shelving and automated carousels keep sterile supplies well-organized and clean in the central sterile supply storage area and operating rooms. In addition, these storage systems offer twice as much storage capacity as traditional storage systems, providing maximum space efficiency while improving the quality of patient care.

Sterile Processing Storage Racks

Sterile processing storage racks reduce the risk of contamination of instrument kits. These racks eliminate touching of the instrument kits after sterilization until they arrive in the operating room. In addition, to protecting instrument kits, the racks organize kits to save time and space.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services to enhance hospital patient care. These products are available on GSA, Vizient, and other Group Purchasing Organization contracts. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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Healthcare Testimonials

parkland hospital

“Southwest Solutions Group assisted us in the setup of equipment and services for our offsite medical record warehouse housing over one million charts. They have moved over 330,000 records from the main hospital to the medical record warehouse in a weekend time period, and converted thousands of charts for us. They have provided us a new chart tracking system, labeling system, and file conversion services over a multi-month process. Their IT group was able to modify our existing records management software to “talk” to our main software program so we could print color coded labels for our medical record charts. In addition, they have provided many other services to Parkland hospital including file shelving, hospital storage equipment needs, and software support. Southwest Solutions Group does exceptional work.”

Parkland Medical Hospital
austin gastroenterology

“Our experience with Southwest Solutions Group could not have been better. Matt (sales rep) was very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. Our shelving project required many changes and revisions and Matt never flinched when thrown a challenge. Many thanks to the installation crew for putting in a twelve hour day to complete our project on time. We give a 100% satisfaction rating to Matt and the Southwest Solutions Group team.”

Austin Gastroenterology
Ronald McDonald House

“Thank you for your donation! I wanted to let you know that we ordered a donor sign for our storage room. The sign will be displayed outside the storage room located near the main kitchen/dining room. This should give you some good exposure!”

Ronald McDonald House

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