two high long gun lockersPolice and military facilities always need proper gun storage. Some would even argue that it’s essential now more than ever with firearm thefts on the rise. In any case, the solution can:

  • Help keep firearms clean and maintained.
  • Provide security.
  • Increase productivity and accountability.

Experts can help you find the right storage option that provides optimal organization and efficiency while meeting all these needs. We will discuss the topic in detail, so you have a thorough understanding and can select the most appropriate method to store and manage weapons in secure police custody. Some key points audiences should take away include:

  • Helpful gun storage tips
  • Proper gun storage preparation and solutions
  • Safe ammo storage ideas

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Preparing guns for storage

If you are preparing to put firearms in storage, experts recommend that you do several things to protect them from rust and moisture damage. These include:

  • Wipe down guns with a quality firearm lubricant. Make sure to swab the bore as well.
  • Clean the exterior, cylinders, magazines, and other parts of the gun with a quality cleaner to prevent rust.
  • Once you have cleaned the weapons, use a rag or gloves to handle them during placement into the storage unit.
  • Rub down wood-stocked rifles or shotguns with gunstock wax.
  • Unloaded all weapons to prevent accidental discharge.
  • If needed, place trigger locks on the firearms.
  • Do not store guns in their original gun cases or rugs. The linings are absorbent and can draw moisture to the surrounding area of your weapon.
  • Place handguns in individual racks or storage to prevent the pieces from touching each other.
  • Place long guns with muzzles down to prevent oils from seeping into actions or stocks.
  • Avoid extreme heat and humidity when storing ammunition. 

How to protect stored weapons

Like other valuables, guns can sustain corrosion damage if exposed to extreme temperatures and high humidity. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to non-optimal conditions can leave wooden stocks more susceptible to drying out and cracking. You should do these things during preparation to keep firearms safe:

  • Place silica gel beads in the storage cabinet to help absorb moisture.
  • Use a gun safe dehumidifier to control humidity. Experts recommend the gun storage be around 50% humidity and 70°F for secure storage. If storing specific weapons, check with the manufacturer for particular conditions.
  • Purchase a separate storage system for your ammo.

How to choose the best gun storage

Selecting the appropriate gun storage depends on your department’s needs and the nature of the guns and ammo you must store. Personnel should also know whether it is for evidence purposes. You can select from many options with everything from security locks to biometrics that can help with proper gun storage safety. A few examples of gun safe organization ideas include:

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  • Computerized Gun Storage Cabinets that provide individual, locked compartments large enough to store and secure weapons, ammo, and more.
  • Weapons Racks that allow flexible configuration with specialized accessories to accommodate everything from small arms and rifles to shotguns.
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets designed with the flexibility to save floor space while providing safe temporary handgun storage.
  • Long Gun Lockers allow you to secure handguns, ammunition, and more in one safe and convenient solution.
  • Ammo Storage strong and flexible enough to keep firearms equipment organized, safe, and ready to access in an emergency.
  • Military Weapons Storage Containers versatile enough to store, ship, and support firearms the military needs to keep in a secure place

We will discuss all of these topics, so you know how the gun storage styles differ and can select the one that best fits your budget and requirements. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.

Computerized gun storage cabinets

computerized gun storage cabinets2Police can eliminate manual weapons management and handling with these modular automated gun storage cabinets. All have the intelligence to regulate access and can track transactions in real-time, so you know who took what, when, and why. Supervisors can refer to the recorded trail to confirm the status of an item if questions about loss or theft arise. It’s more time-efficient than looking through paper logs and ensures user accountability.

Officers can ensure secure use while operating the computerized gun cabinets in three simple steps. These include:

  • Identifying themselves through personal tag, user name, and password or swiping their finger.
  • Selecting an item from the list according to your authorization level, and press take out. The drawer containing the weapon you selected will flash and open while keeping others locked. Inside the compartment, the specific bin which contains the firearm opens to allow you secure, selective access. No other compartment opens during this time, restricting activity and keeping other stored valuables safe.
  • Closing the drawer.

Police departments can design the systems with up to 19 combination bin sizes to match your weapons and allow optimal capacity usage. It ensures you avoid wasting space while storing guns in one convenient and secure place. Pick from floor standing or compact models that enable integration to a desktop to save space. Both provide you control over the degree of access users have, helping prevent weapons theft, accidents, and misuse. To ensure it delivers the necessary security to maintain a proper custody chain, you can enforce the following gun safety storage ideas:

  • Limit system access to working hours.
  • Limit the number of items that a user can possess at one time.
  • Require users to report check out reason.
  • Determine the due date of each key.
  • Specify that models send an alert if users fail to return items on time.
  • Document every transaction by video camera.
  • Specify that units send an alert when a drawer gets forced open and start the camera.
  • Control the system from a remote location.

 Weapon storage racks & carts

weapon storage racks cartsUse these universal weapon racks to store small arms, rifles, shotguns, tasers, and more how and wherever you want. All have a rugged, modular steel frame that you can configure to fit your storage space. It even allows accessory integration to suit custom user and future flexibility needs. Components such as optics and accessories mount to stored weapons, so you have everything within convenient reach during a crisis.

You can select from units that measure 36″ wide, 84″ tall and 13″ deep or consult with an expert to design a custom solution. Units allow bolting together to create a continuous run that maximizes your facility space. Single-sided models attach to the wall, allowing you to use the floor in a more productive capacity. Double-sided alternatives can free stand on the floor while giving you more weapons access. You can even mount the weapon racks to mobile carriages that provide more storage in the same space.

The flexible solution also allows component sharing with another specialized storage system, helping facilities get more cost-effective use from accessories. Some available options include:

  • Wire baskets deep enough to protect whatever you need while eliminating dust, so anything in secure custody remains clean.
  • An adjustable shelf that allows you to create optimal storage conditions and prevent damage.

Wall-mounted firearm cabinets

wall mounted firearm cabinetsWall-mounted firearm cabinets with secure, discrete storage to accommodate handguns and ammo on a short-term basis come in different space-saving styles. All have rugged designs heavy-duty enough to ensure high weapons security in many spaces. This includes crowded police stations, government agencies, and courthouses that prohibit gun use to ensure everyone’s safety. Click here to learn more about firearm cabinets and weapons racks.

These durable solutions include individual compartments with separate locks that regulate access to prevent weapons theft, misuse, and accidental firing. Users also have exclusive access in public since the locking mechanisms are keyed differently. Furthermore, the lockers have shelf liners or rubber inserts to protect the firearms and ammunition. Consult with experts to determine what locking options are available and whether they allow station or locker mode operation.

For optimal space-saving flexibility, some wall-mounted firearm cabinets can stack together or integrate into furniture. Mounting units under a desk ensures the storage remains hidden from public view and maximizes space-saving versatility. Facilities can also extend the lifespan of their existing equipment while obtaining more cost-effective use. Alternatively, piling the systems one on top of the other allows you to maximize vertical space efficiency. Regardless of how you decide to handle installation, officers can use the floor more efficiently to accommodate other activities. 

Long gun storage lockers

weapons ammo storage lockersAvoid carrying sighted rifles and more into the patrol briefing room, changing areas, and other places with alternative long gun storage lockers. You can select from standard options or have experts design the solution to match your preferences. With up to 10 separate compartments, officers can have an assigned space to secure their firearms. Furthermore, shift supervisors can open the door to access the weapons case of an emergency. During storage, long guns remain clean, safe, and well-organized while locked in the cabinets. Officers also avoid personal injury while working to prevent crime in the community.

Weapons ammo storage lockers

Experts can adapt specialized cabinets with a durable design into weapons ammo storage lockers that fit police and military needs. Load the interior space with ammo that you want to organize and protect from damage if under heavy fire. Store material boxes single-file to create a continuous run that maximizes capacity usage. If space allows, you can stack the equipment several high to maximize vertical capacity. Have labels facing out, so users can read the titles quickly and easily in an emergency. The secure ammo storage doors have a robust and slam-proof design that lasts without damage or deflection. You can open them wide to provide full visibility and ergonomic item access.

Military weapon compact storage containers

weapons compact storage containersEliminate concerns about disorganization, increased work, and safety shortages with these military-type weapon compact storage containers. They’re more advanced than another specialized solution and can store, ship, and support whatever you need. This includes everything from arms and crew service weapons to collateral gear that your unit must keep in a secure place.

With durable straps and purpose-made housing, units ensure contents remain protected during transit. The universal solutions also have cabinet drawers fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening. Systems include up to six interchangeable “plug and play” components versatile enough to store many weapons, including the M4 rifle. Models even allow you to store arms with optics mounted, so everything is easily accessible and ready to use. For full capacity use, systems also have ample space in the middle to store extra gear during transit.

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