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Improving Police Departments with Simple but Effective Design

Renovating or designing a new law enforcement facility is a huge undertaking, and many people aren’t aware of the sheer amount of work and money that goes into these projects. Still, having a well-planned and effectively designed building layout not only improves workflow and productivity but encourages morale, safety, and positive public perception. Below, we have outlined some of our solutions to help you create a planning guide for your police department renovation to save space, secure evidence, and ensure a successful project that will provide years and years of use. When officers are happy with their space, this naturally reflects their work on the field—and it can all start with something as simple as a locker. Be sure to check out our online law enforcement solutions flipbook!police department secure evidence locker

Short-Term Evidence Lockers

  • Pass-Thru & Non-Pass-Thru Lockers: These lockers are great for maintaining the chain of custody and keeping evidence secure until it can be picked up by the evidence technician. Pass-thru locker options make it easy for officers to deposit evidence quickly and securely, which technicians can then access from the opposite side of the wall.
  • Refrigerated Lockers & Drying Cabinets: Refrigerated and drying cabinets are also available as a standalone solution or can be integrated with evidence locker banks for storing biological and temperature-sensitive evidence.

Property & Evidence Storage

  • High Density Shelving: High density storage systems are great for long-term property and evidence storage by mounting carriages on rails that slide from side to side and condense when not in use. With their movable aisles, the high density shelves store materials in a compact footprint while keeping them organized and accessible with virtually any type of shelving you need. These systems can also be outfitted with automated restricted access biological evidence refrigerated lockersecurity systems, powered operation, and more, allowing your department to store anything from hanging files to evidence boxes.
  • Suspended Rack Shelving: Ideal for smaller law enforcement departments or facilities that cannot install rails into the floor, these high density shelves are suspended from overhead tracks supported by steel uprights. The trolley mechanism allows users to slide the shelves from side to side.
  • Heavy-Duty Compact Bulk Racks: Compact mobile bulk racks are great for storing and organizing bulk materials or heavy and/or larger items in evidence warehouses. By mounting pallet racks on carriages, the system uses the same concept of high density shelving on a larger scale.
  • Automated Vertical Carousels: The automated vertical carousels are an enclosed system of bins that rotate at the push of a button to deliver items directly to the user. Vertical carousels have a variety of security options and come with locking access doors. With automatic inventory management software, they are ideal for storing sensitive items that require audit tracking and restricted access.

Gear Lockers

  • Personal Storage Lockers: We can design and install any type of locker system you need with a wide variety of options like benches, ventilation, charging stations and outlets, and much more for storing officer uniforms, equipment, electronics, and other personal items.
  • Duty Bag Lockers: Store and organize bulky gear and duty bags for quick access when and where it’s needed most—and out of the locker room. These lockers are perfect for storing gear bags as well as tactical vests, boots, electronics, and other equipment needed in the field.

Weapon Storagepolice department guide property evidence storage

  • Police Vehicle Weapon Lockers: These lockers mount to the trunk or rear cargo area of any standard police vehicle and keep weapons and ammunition out of sight while remaining accessible to officers. With its remote control entry designed for fast deployment, officers can have their weapons ready for retrieval by the time they reach the back of their vehicle.
  • Universal Weapon Cabinets: These racks are fully configurable and store fully assembled weapons with optics and accessories so they’re ready for deployment. During transport, it prevents weapons from damage due to movement and vibrations.
  • Wall-Mounted Pistol Lockers: These convenient and secure lockers mount to or are recessed within the wall for storing pistols and handguns, making them perfect for use outside of government or gun-free facilities.
  • Audit Tracking Weapon Cabinets: For applications that require the highest levels of security, these weapon cabinets automate the storage and retrieval process with additional controlled access, audit tracking, and surveillance capabilities. Click here to learn more about proper gun storage.


  • Modular Casework: Whether you need furniture for your lobby or intake facility or cabinets and tables for your forensic lab, we can design any type of casework for any application with any type of material, including stainless steel. Since the casework is modular, it’s easy to reconfigure, expand, or relocate it to accommodate your changing needs. You can also choose from a huge array of optional features for specialized applications such as fume hoods, chemical/solvent cabinets, electrical fixtures, drying racks, faucets, sinks, and much more.

Bike Storage

  • Wall Bike Racks: Wall-mounted bike racks store multiple bicycles in less space than traditional racks. A slide-out design makes it easy to store and retrieve bikes without the risk of injury or damage to other stored bikes. The wall-mounted bike racks are available in manual and push-button styles that can mount to your empty wall space and lower bikes at the push of a button.police department planning guide locker room
  • Overhead Bike Storage Lifts: Now you can even use your ceiling space for storage. Bicycles are stored overhead and are automatically lowered to floor height with push-button control. This keeps bikes secure and out of the way at the same time.
  • Outdoor Bicycle Lockers: Keep officer bicycles secure from theft, tampering, or weather damage with stainless steel or aluminum bike lockers.

Wire Partitions

  • Wire Security Cages: Wire mesh panels can be stacked in virtually any configuration you need for storing and securing valuable property, weapons, and evidence. Their stackable design and customized sizing options provide controlled access to inventory while allowing the use of existing lighting, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.
  • Short-Term Holding Cells: You can also use wire partitions as short-term holding cells in correctional facilities and detention centers. Partitions are available with a variety of door and locking options with a secure design that prevents access to all hardware from the inside of the enclosure.

Inmate Property Storage

  • law enforcement department gear storage lockersHigh-Density Racks: High-density storage systems are great for short-term and long-term storage of inmate property and clothing. This keeps bags and totes organized and easy to access without taking up a lot of valuable space. Adjustable shelving also ensures that the system can adapt to your changing needs.
  • Inmate Property Storage Bags: We have a variety of types of soft hanging storage bags for inmate property, garment, evidence, and weapons.

Fire Station Solutions

  • Turnout Gear Racks: Keep firefighter gear ready to go at a moment’s notice with these racks that can be mounted to the wall and off the floor to save space. Rods, hooks, shelves, and security boxes can be customized for storing uniforms, helmets, boots, personal items, and other gear.
  • Fire Hose Racks: Store twice as many fire hoses in less space than traditional shelving systems. The solid steel racks include adjustable shelves/cradles for storing any hose sizes.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for all types of police department and evidence storage applications across the USA. For more information or to speak with a law enforcement storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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