overview of athletic storage solutionsThe field or rink is where you test your mettle and push yourself and your equipment to the limit. However, it’s important to keep in mind your sporting equipment and gear needs a proper storage solution to keep it lasting into the future. Here are five different sports equipment storage ideas for you to consider.

Athletic Storage Systems That Will Save Space, Time and Money

A proper athletic equipment storage unit doesn’t just set your team up for a successful season. It’s also a representation of your program and players. No matter how big or small your storage space is, the way you store, organize, and protect your gear and equipment leaves an impression—and we assume that you want it to be a good one.

At the same time, you also need to be cognizant of your existing space, your budget, your timeline, and your workflow. That’s why we offer a variety of sports storage solutions that you need for your team, large or small, that offer convenience, space savings, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness at the same time. Keep reading below for five types of athletic equipment and gear storage solutions that can take your team to the next level.

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#1: High-Density Shelving

For many sports teams, finding space to store gear and equipment can be difficult. The best sports equipment storage solutions can sometimes be as simple as using high-density storage. High-density shelving was designed for: maximizing your existing space without needing any new construction. With the high-density system, shelving or rack units are mounted on rails that allow the units to slide back and forth. This eliminates the extra space eaten up by static aisles, which can result in storage that uses up to 50% less floor space than traditional shelving. Alternatively, you could also double your storage capacity in the same amount of space that would usually house a static system. Click here to learn more about high-density storage systems.

You can also buy high-density systems from our online store; these systems are suspended from overhead trolleys and are ideal for smaller storage applications that need extra floor space, but don’t necessarily require a full system. Since the overhead trolleys aren’t bolted to the floor, they are also great for applications with limited weight and building floor constraints. Click here to buy high-density shelving online.


#2: Gear Lockers

As classic as classic gets when it comes to sports equipment storage solutions. Lockers for gear and equipment are a staple amongst those who organize their sports gear. Check out some of these different styles of lockers below to see what can suit your team best.

Bulk storage lockers

Store athletics gear and equipment securely during the off-season in these wire bulk lockers. The wire mesh allows ventilation through the locker and easy visual inspection of stored contents while remaining secure. Click here to buy bulk lockers online.

Athletic team lockers

athletic team gear storage locker solutionsDesigned specifically for athletics equipment, these furniture-grade red oak lockers provide both storage and aesthetics with a moisture-resistant finish. Choose from a variety of different sizes and designs online. Click here to buy athletic team lockers online.

Ventilated lockers

Have you ever walked into a locker room and recoiled because it smelled like…well, a locker room? Ventilated lockers are a great way to provide secure storage for personal items while allowing air to flow freely through the compartments, which reduces the buildup of moisture, mold, and microbes that cause unpleasant odors. Click here to buy ventilated lockers online.

Rust-resistant lockers

For high humidity and wet environments like showers and swimming pools, rust-resistant lockers are constructed with galvannealed steel and a powder coat finish for the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion caused by moisture. Click here to buy rust-resistant lockers online.

#3: Uniform Storage

Part of most sports and athletics, having the right uniform is necessary. To ensure you’re always with your uniform, you and your team should consider these storage solutions for your attire. Here are some different uniform storage solution options that can keep your uniforms, cleats, and other uniform parts organized.

Steel garment racks

We have multiple steel garment rack options for hanging and organizing uniforms and gear. Racks are available in one or multiple tiers with additional optional upper shelves that are ideal for storing helmets or hats. Click here to buy steel garment racks online.

Mobile garment racks

Save space and hang uniforms neatly on mobile garment racks. With a high-density design, the systems feature wire racks that slide back and forth to eliminate extra wasted space. Additionally, the wire construction allows airflow and prevents the buildup of dust. Click here to buy mobile garment racks online.

Wall-mounted garment lifts

The automatic garment lifts bolt to your open walls, so you don’t need to use up any of your floor space. With the push of a button, users can lower the individual racks to store or retrieve their uniforms. Then, they push the button again to raise the racks once more. Click here for more information about wall-mounted garment lifts.

#4: Gear/Equipment Racks

high density athletic equipment gear storageIt’s important to ensure that you have racks for storing your sports gear and equipment between use. Shelving and racks can help put even the most cumbersome of equipment out of the way in safekeeping between uses and is a great strategy to keep your team organized. Be sure to check out more of our athletic equipment shelving and racks that we don’t mention here.

Ball storage racks

Store basketballs, soccer balls, yoga balls, volleyballs, and all types of exercise, stability, of physio balls in a small space. These ball storage racks mount to the wall to save floor space and are designed to prevent balls from rolling off. Click here to buy ball racks online.

Golf bag racks

Available in single- or double-tier configurations, these all-steel racks were designed specifically for storing and organizing golf bags. Its high capacity design provides up to 67% more storage in the same space as traditional shelving systems, and the adjustable dividers can accommodate any bag width. Angled supports also keep bags upright to prevent damage from falling or leaning against other bags. Click here to buy golf bag racks online.

Golf bag sliders

Want even more capacity in a small amount of space for your golf bags and equipment? These sliding storage shelves take the golf bag racks and mount them on rails that easily move back and forth, which eliminates the need for aisles that take up extra space. They’re great for large applications in clubs or retail environments. Click here to buy golf bag sliders online.

Football equipment racks

Shoulder pads and helmets for football are difficult pieces of equipment to store, but are expensive and need to be kept in good condition while remaining easy for players to access. These wall-mounted racks use your wall space to keep football gear off the floor, visible, and organized for easy retrieval. Click here to buy football racks online.

Tennis racks: The wall-mounted racks are great for storing tennis rackets since they are stored by the head beam instead of the strings, which can cause damage. They also keep rackets neat, organized, and easy to retrieve. Click here to buy tennis racks online.

Canoe & kayak racks

Efficiently store canoes, kayaks, and surfboards indoors or outdoors with rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel racks. The racks are available in wall-mounted or freestanding configurations with storage arms that make it easy to store and retrieve long equipment. Click here to buy canoe and kayak racks online.

Cart racks

Use less space for laundry carts, gear cases, and duffel bags with these racks that provide multi-use storage. With upper shelving and open bottoms, it’s easy to roll athletic carts into the lower section. The upper level includes a garment rod so you can hang uniforms and keep your laundry bag or store bulky or small items in the same place. Click here to buy cart racks online.

Wire cages

With wire partition panels, you can create secure storage cages of virtually any size and configuration for storing expensive equipment. The partitions are easy to install, relocate, and modify at any time. They also make it easy to see within the cage for taking quick visual inventory and allow complete visibility and integration with HVAC systems without sacrificing security. Click here to buy wire cages and partitions online.

Security doors

Keep expensive gear and equipment secure and out of sight with locking security doors that mount directly to your existing shelving systems. Since the doors roll up and down instead of out in front, they also save space since it doesn’t need extra clearance in front. Click here to buy shelving security doors online.

#5: Casework Cabinets & WorkBenches

Casework and workbenches can be a great solution for storing athletic equipment. With modular casework and workbenches being perfect for rearranging your space to your needs, you can make them fit exactly to your liking.

athletic gear storage security doorsModular casework

Between issuing, maintaining, repairing, and storing athletic equipment and gear, managers can’t afford to be disorganized. With modular casework, you can make it easy to keep up with all of your responsibilities and stay within your budget. Since they’re modular, the casework cabinets and tables are easy to install, relocate, and add on to at a later date so you can get the best investment from your storage. Additionally, all of our mobile casework is available in stainless steel configurations, which is easy to clean and helps prevent the spread of staph infections. Click here to buy modular casework online.


We also have a variety of modular workbenches and workstations with customizable options like pegboards, cabinets, shelves, drawers, outlets, and more. Choose from pre-configured kits with quick shipping, or contact us for a fully customized system. Click here to buy workbenches online.


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