Modular Laboratory Workstations & Stainless Steel Lab Tables And Benches

modular-laboratory-workstations-tables-cabinets-benchesModular Laboratory Workstations & Stainless Steel Lab Tables and Benches have a sustainable design that allow them to be reused and repaired instead of thrown away. The ability to add, adjust, and reconfigure components allows you to better organize your work area to maximize productivity and ergonomics. Important details to interchangeability, durability, and ease of cleaning prolongs the life cycle of your investment. We provide Modular Laboratory Workstations constructed from stainless steel, wood, or metal for many different types of laboratories including:

  • Clinical Labs and Medical Labs
  • Forensic Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Chemical Labs
  • University Labs and K-12 Labs
  • Clean Rooms


A Wide Variety of Modular Laboratory Workstation, Table And Bench Options

Choose from a wide range of lab tables and benches designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you need beautiful and durable wood cabinets, metal workstations, or stainless steel tables, our team of laboratory professionals will help guide you to the specific product that best fits your requirements. Click here to learn more about stainless steel furniture for clean rooms. We offer a complete line of laboratory work surfaces and case goods including:revit bim models

  • Laboratory Casework Furniture
  • freestanding wall units
  • overhead storage cabinets
  • chemical and solvent storage cabinets
  • space saving high density storage shelving
  • fume hoods

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Laboratory Work Surface Options


  • Epoxy Resin and Phenolic Resin work surfaces
  • Lab Grade Laminate work surfaces
  • Stainless Steel work surfaces
  • Solid Maple work surfaces
  • Natural Stone work surfaces
  • Anti-microbial Copper work surfaces

Laboratory Workstation Options

  • wet lab faucets and fixtures
  • utility service fixtures
  • electrical and data fixtures
  • pegboards drying racks
  • overhead and under bench storage shelves
  • computer and monitor peripherals
  • task lighting

Environmental Sustainable GreenGuard® Modular Laboratory Workstations

Designed to be reused, Modular Laboratory Workstations protect our landfills from being polluted with unnecessary waste from renovations. They have easy to replace doors and drawers to promote the longevity of the product’s life cycle. Lastly, the factories are continually improving recycling methods to use scrap and other recycled materials as well as, provide better processes like powder coat painting, to reduce the impact on our environment. Our Modular Laboratory Workstation products are GreenGuard® certified meeting SEFA® standards and UL® Listed.

Modular Laboratory Workstations Professional Design and Installation Services

Our professional services begin with one of our laboratory specialists sitting down with you to understand your unique needs. Once your needs are determined and agreed upon, our planners assemble detailed plan drawings for your review. Our team of project managers will orchestrate and coordinate your project delivery and installation schedule. Our platinum installation and service team will complete your project providing progress updates until everything is finished and in broom clean condition. Backed by a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and a long list of happy clients, you can be confident your project will be completed with excellence.

Contact us Today for Modular Laboratory Workstations, Tables And Benches

Call today for a free lab design consultation meeting. Our laboratory workstations are available on the following contracts, GSA federal supply schedule, TXMAS State of Texas, and Premier Healthcare Contract. For more information, click here to contact us.


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