Lockers, having become one of the most popular forms of storage in schools and gyms, have come a long way in recent years. These days, you’ll find lockers used in more ways than ever before. You’ll even notice that the lockers have changed with some now using digital locks. Let’s see how many different roles and applications these new lockers with keyless locks have taken. 

The Evolving Use of Lockers

Lockers used to be used primarily for schools and changing rooms, but times are changing. Now, lockers are being used in all types of applications, from schools and universities to commercial businesses and more. That’s because now, lockers can do more than ever before. With digital locks and keyless lockers, specialized lockers, and even heavy-duty lockers, there is a perfect storage solution for virtually any application.

hospital steel lockersDo you need complete access visibility and audit tracking? Computerized lockers can do that. Lockers for all of your employees or facility users without needing to spend valuable time manually managing keys? Digital lockers are a huge time-saver. Do you want to upgrade your technology, but don’t have it in the budget to buy entirely new lockers? Digital locks can be fitted right onto your existing lockers to save you money. Do you have specialized storage where just any old locker won’t cut it? We have all types of specialized solutions from cell phone charging lockers, stainless steel lockers, wire partition lockers, and more. Read on to learn more.

Although there are several types of lockers out on the market, each type fulfills a different role. Check out some of the lockers we sell below. 

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24/7 Self-Service Package Delivery Lockers

24/7 self-service package lockers make the delivery, storage, and pickup of packages and parcels worry-free and efficient by allowing deliveries to be dropped off and securely stored until the recipient can retrieve it at their earliest convenience. This makes them especially ideal for apartments, tz lockers for universities & package deliverycondos, and universities; additionally, an increasing number of businesses are beginning to use self-service lockers for deliveries as well. Click here to find out more about how 24/7 self-service delivery lockers work.

Manual package management takes up a lot of time and resources that many facilities don’t have. This is especially difficult for apartments, condos, and other residential areas where residents can only pick up their packages when someone is in the office, which may not be feasible with their schedules. With self-service lockers, packages are dropped off by using a touchscreen and placing the package in a specified locker. The recipient is then notified of the delivery, and when they can retrieve the item, they use the touchscreen interface to enter a passcode or swipe an RFID card. Their packages can be retrieved at any time, whether it’s day or night, and landlords don’t need to spend extra time managing packages and deliveries.

For example, a growing number of businesses are utilizing these self-service lockers inside a  to deliver online customer orders. Once the package has been delivered, the recipient receives a notification. The self-service delivery lockers are located within the store, and the recipient can retrieve their delivery at any time during store hours.  For the customer, this means their package will be delivered without delay to a convenient pick-up location that can be accessed during or after work hours.

Have questions? Take a look at our 24/7 package delivery locker FAQ.

Keyless Lockers with digital Keypad Locks

digital keyless lockers rfid badge accessKeyless lockers with digital locks are a more cost-effective alternative to 24/7 package delivery lockers with touchscreens. And with multiple types of digital keypad locks available, you’re sure to find the right one for your application. The keypad locks are user-friendly and can be assigned to individual users or for day use. By connecting to a simple app, users can access their locker anytime without needing to manage any keys. Most conveniently, some of the digital keypad locks can retrofit onto almost any locker door—this means that if you already have lockers in use, you don’t need to buy new ones.

Many businesses are using these lockers with keyless locks to receive and manage package deliveries, especially for offices that have multiple buildings. All the courier needs to do is drop the package off, and the package is secured until it can be retrieved. This means no more leaving important packages on desks or in cabinets and no more confusion about who the courier should deliver the package to; additionally, overnight deliveries are no problem since the packages can simply be secured in the designated locker overnight.revit bim models

The lockers with digital keypad locks are modular, allowing you to reconfigure or move the locks at any time. And since they run on batteries, they don’t require any data ports or power cords, and there’s no need to deal with IT departments or electricians.

Designing Lockers in BIM Revit Software

smart locker with audit tracking package deliveries storage ssg tz 500Building Information Modeling (BIM) is being used by an increasing number of architects, designers, planners, and project managers. Why? It allows you to quickly and easily design three-dimensional models to your exact specifications and makes planning and modifications accurate, easy, and affordable. In this case, it allows you to design the true dimensions of a locker while also still utilizing keyless locks for the locker. 

For example—you want a 3-tier digital locker, but you need it to be a little wider than the models provided on our BIM website. That’s an easy fix; simply load up a template, and you can adjust the locker configuration to your exact needs without having to draw out an entirely new design from scratch. And as you make adjustments, the pricing automatically updates so you can be sure you’re staying within your budget and don’t need to wait for feedback.

The software can even be used by non-designers, as it allows you to easily quote, filter, and compare your choices so you can start planning and save time down the road. You can easily save a quote and return to it later, too.

Lockers Available Online

locker room lockersWhen you want a simpler solution that can be ordered and delivered directly to you, we also have a wide variety of cabinets that are available for purchase online. Just click on the title of the locker you’re interested in to find out more.

Wood Lockers

Attractive wood lockers are perfect for office hoteling, universities, schools, and other businesses. The wood lockers are often combined with keyless digital locks to make storage even easier with the added benefit of having a very classy and professional appearance.

Cell Phone Lockers

digital keyless locker rfid badge accessThese small, wall-mounted lockers are perfect for storing cell phones, tablets, wallets, keys, and other small personal items. It’s more accurate to call them “locker cubbies,” as they are designed to hang from the wall, making them an ideal solution for anywhere. We’ve seen them pop up frequently in military facilities, law enforcement, government buildings, factories, and anywhere personal items need to be stored; for example, if personal effects need to be checked in before entering a building. The cell phone lockers can also be outfitted with digital locks.

Firearm Lockers

These individual weapon compartments are built with heavy-duty components and mount to the surface or wall to provide secure storage for handguns and ammunition. They’re great for providing storage outside facilities that don’t allow handguns.

Charging Lockers

Electricity-ready charging lockers are a unique storage solution for electronics, as they have the capability to both store and charge laptops, phones, and other devices. The ventilated top shelf allows airflow for cooling the charging area of the locker, while other items such as backpacks and purses can be stored in the lower compartment.2 tier stainless steel vented lockers

Stainless Steel Lockers

Stainless steel is the material of choice for wet and outdoor applications as well as for cleanrooms and other hygienic, healthcare, or lab environments because of the sanitary benefits they offer. These high quality 304 stainless steel lockers will allow you to store in even corrosive and damaging environments.

Clear Door lockers

As the name implies, these lockers come with clear doors to allow visibility of stored contents. This is especially useful when you need additional safety, theft prevention, and security for schools and businesses. These lockers can also be outfitted with digital locks.

All-Purpose Lockers

These steel lockers are perfect for—you guessed it—any typical purpose. The locker compartments are actually small boxes that are available in a variety of configurations so you can get the exact storage you need. Whether you need lockers for your school or need employee personal storage, the all-purpose lockers are ideal for securing purses, wallets, lunches, phones, and other personal items.wet area swimming lockers

Stacking Lockers

These cube lockers are stackable, allowing you to create the configuration of your choice. With pre-punched holes on the top, sides, and bottom, the cube lockers can easily attach to one another or even to the wall. Depending on what you’re storing, you also have a choice between solid, vented, or see-through doors.

Police Gear Lockers

Tactical gear storage lockers are designed specifically for police, military personnel, and other law enforcement professionals. With steel and powder coat paint construction inside and out, these lockers are ideal for meeting the demands of law enforcement.

Speaking of police, we also offer evidence intake lockers that make storing and retrieving evidence fast and easy while ensuring that all officers maintain the chain of custody. Additional options, such as drying and refrigerated cabinets, are also available for storing biological or temperature-sensitive evidence.keyless keypad wooden locker cubes

Turnout Lockers

In addition to storage for law enforcement, we also offer lockers designed specifically for firefighters. With the ability to be mounted to the wall and a heavy-duty design, firefighters can store their uniforms, helmets, boots, and other gear to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Wire Partition Lockers

Wire partition locker compartments are the most flexible solution for bulk storage, tenant storage, and more. With these partitions, you can easily create your own configurations to meet your needs and add, remove, or modify them at any time.

Uniform Lockers

When you’re responsible for storing dirty and laundered uniforms, these uniform exchange lockers provide an easy way for you to do both. The lockers have a master door for laundry service personnel to access, and individual access doors for users who need to retrieve their uniforms.

hospital keyless four high locker wood key pad access

Mesh Lockers

These all-welded mesh lockers provide visibility, airflow, and security for stored equipment. They’re especially suited for storing chemicals, as the expanded metal doors and sides allow materials to breathe while also letting you take quick visual inventory.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for all types of lockers to every industry across the board, from business offices to industrial facilities. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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