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Eliminating Waste in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

horizontal carousel is a lean healthcare storage system for hospital supply chain logistics

The concept of Lean is simple: eliminate waste. There is an abundance of waste in healthcare facilities that drive up costs and ultimately hamper patient care. Our Lean Healthcare Storage Systems improve supply chain logistics. These innovative storage systems are designed to eliminate waste through automating processes that improve productivity, inventory management and space utilization. Each of our Lean healthcare storage systems has its own unique benefits that will help to streamline the flow of materials through your facility to enhance patient care. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Horizontal Carousel: Lean Healthcare Storage System for Improving Supply Chain Logistics

Replenishing stock using manual picking from stationary shelving and racks is time-consuming and error-prone. A horizontal carousel will automate order picking and processing while enhancing the flow of materials throughout your hospital. The horizontal carousel brings stored medical supplies and products directly to the operator with just the simple push of a button or a computer interface, which eliminates walk and search time commonly associated with traditional bin shelving. In addition, the carousels increase worker productivity and make efficient use of your facility’s storage floor space. (Learn more about horizontal carousels).

stockbox and framewrx lean healthcare storage systems with rfid technology and kanbanStockBox and FrameWRX:  Lean Healthcare Storage Systems for Utility Rooms

Managing medical supplies inventory levels can be cumbersome; manual counting takes a lot of time and has proven to be an inaccurate method of ensuring nurses have the right supplies on hand when needed. The StockBox along with FrameWRX automates materials management and the restocking process for medical supplies in utility rooms. The StockBox uses RFID technology to track and manage inventory levels while the flexible FrameWRX system stores the supplies using a Kanban two-bin system. This Lean healthcare storage system for managing medical supplies provides better organization through inventory automation. Furthermore, trips by materials management staff to count supplies and frustrating searches for medical products by nurses will be eliminated. (Learn more about StockBox and FrameWRX)

Smart Cabinet: Lean Healthcare Storage System for Consignment Stocklean healthcare storage system smart cabinet stores and manages consignment and high-value medical products

In hospitals and medical facilities where consignment stock and high-value medical devices are managed manually, up to 50% of nurses’ time is misused. Devices can be misplaced, out of stock, or wasted because they’ve reached their expiration dates. The Smart Cabinet is a Lean healthcare storage system that automates the management of consignment stock and medical devices with real time tracking of inventory from the medical vendor to the patient. These innovative cabinets help to reduce hospital costs by eliminating stock-outs, expired medical devices, and inaccurate reporting. (Learn more about Smart Cabinets)

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides many innovative storage systems fo supply chain logistics including horizontal carousels, Stockbox and FrameWRX, and Smart Cabinets. To learn more about these solutions and other systems we can offer, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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