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aircraft aviation spare parts maintenanceAviation maintenance and repair operations are growing and facing increased financial scrutiny and competitive pressure. Space is limited, supply chains are more demanding, and inventory requires more robust security. Below, you’ll see how one operational base used automated storage systems and inventory supply chain management technology to improve storage, tracking, and retrieval of aircraft and aviation spare parts and maintenance (MRO) supplies. Click here to watch a video showing how the automated storage and inventory management systems work.

Inventory Supply Chain Management

The facility was able to consolidate roughly 1,196 square feet of shelving into two vertical lift modules (VLMs) that occupied 184 square feet for a 71% savings in floor space. The extra 636 square feet of floor space is used for storing bulk inventory that previously had to be kept in the hangar.

With 20,000 SKUs, inventory has to be kept secure and trackable at all times. Each SKU has a batch number that is traceable through the distribution channel, allowing employees to trace what batch number is put into each order for each aircraft. Inventory management software with batch stations and pick-to-light technology has helped increase accuracy levels to 99%. 

maintenance mro inventory supply chain management

With the static shelving system, pickers would have to walk up and down aisles with pick carts and would often have to sort through 50 parts before finding the correct batch. It took four to seven minutes per pick, producing about 15 picks per hour. With the VLMs and supply chain management software, parts are delivered directly to the operator to eliminate walk and search time. This allowed pick times to increase to an average of one pick per minute, or 60 picks per hour, for a 77% increase in productivity.


  • 71% floor space savings
  • Increased inventory control
  • 99% batch picking and batch validation accuracy
  • 77% productivity increase
  • Picking rates increased from 15 picks to 60 picks per hour

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