Kardex Remstar’s Inventory Control Technology Improves Efficiency

 increase parts picking accuracy witj Kardex Remstar inventory control technologyAre you looking to automate the inventory management system in your manufacturing or distribution facility? Kardex Remstar’s Inventory Control Technology allows you to easily implement Just In Time (JIT) inventory controls to improve efficiencies in your facility because it automates parts picking and increases accuracy. With Kardex Remstar’s Inventory Control Technology, your business will be able to eliminate mispicks, reduce restocking, and gain control over inventory. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How the Inventory Control Technology Works

The Inventory Control Technology which interfaces with Vertical Lift Modules are able to process kits and batch orders to automate parts picking and increase accuracy. The Inventory Control Technology batches kits and orders together, and then sends the picking instructions to the Vertical Lift Modules. The technology directs the Vertical Lift Module to automatically retrieve and deliver the appropriate parts storage trays to the ergonomic work counter for the operator to pick. The work counter has LED lights that point to the exact bin location and displays the part number and quantity of parts for the operator to pull. As soon as the operator completes the first pick, the Inventory Control Technology automatically tells the Vertical Lift Module to deliver the next storage tray for the next pick transaction. Typically, two Vertical Lift Modules are designated to one picking operator so while one machine is moving to deliver the next part tray, the operator is picking from the other machine’s storage tray.

Benefits of the Inventory Control Technology and Vertical Lift Modulesautomate parts picking with Kardex Remstar's inventory control technology

  • Efficiently stores a wide range of part sizes and weights
  • Parts trays are delivered to an ergonomic work counter to reduce workers’ compensation claims
  • Maximizes storage floor space by using overhead air space
  • Increases productivity with computerized batch picking commands
  • Enhances accuracy with LED pick to light technology
  • Enhances security and inventory control with locking doors

Contact Us to Automate Parts Picking and Increase Accuracy Your Facility

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