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Automated Vertical Parts Storage

Efficient solutions provide storage for a variety of parts and supplies in the automotive industry. These ergonomic storage solutions keep tires, keys, tools, and parts securely stored and easily accessible.

Vertical Storage Carousels Overview (read more)

Benefits of Automotive Carousels & Parts Shuttles (read more)

Space Saving Automotive Parts Carousels (read more)

Automotive AS/RS Storage Solutions (read more)

High Density Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile shelving provides compact, space-saving storage for automotive parts of various sizes.    go back to the top

Mobile High-Density Storage for Automotive Parts (read more)

Smart Key Cabinets

Computerized key cabinets guarantee the security of stored car keys while allowing authorized personnel to quickly store or retrieve keys.    go back to the top

Car Key Storage & Tacking Cabinets (read more)

Electronic Key Control Storage Cabinets (read more)

Tire Storage Lifts

Automated tire storage systems make it safe and easy for employees to select and retrieve tires from storage.      go back to the top


Tire Storage Lifts (read more)

Automated Vertical Tire Carousels (read more)

Workstations & Tool Storage

Industrial workstations and other storage solutions provide efficient and ergonomic storage for tools and other parts.    go back to the top

Service Technician Workstation Bench Systems (read more)

Customizable Technical Workstations Organizers (read more)

Pegboard Storage

Sliding pegboard panels display and store gaskets, belts, hoses, and other hard to store automotive parts.    go back to the top

Sliding Pegboard Parts Storage Panels (read more)

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