When automotive dealerships rely on traditional shelving for parts storage, they often suffer from issues like insufficient space, wasted time finding and retrieving parts, and a lack of security for stored parts. Many dealerships have installed automated parts storage carousels for their parts departments.

Automated vertical carousels provide space-efficient storage for automotive parts. These vertical storage systems make locating and retrieving needed parts easier, and their innovative software provides unprecedented inventory management capabilities.

Read on to learn about how automated parts storage carousels work and how they benefit automotive parts departments. You can also check out more of our automotive storage solutions here.

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How the Vertical Parts Carousel Works

space saving automotive parts storage carouselThe vertical storage carousel is an enclosed system that stores parts bins in rotating carriers. At the push of a button, the parts carousel rotates to bring the desired carrier to the operator at an ergonomic level for quick and convenient access.

Vertical parts carousels work best for storing small parts in consistent-sized bins. If you’re already storing your automotive parts in bins, you’ll be able to transfer your bins directly into the automated parts storage carousel. You can learn more about vertical carousels and other automated storage and retrieval systems here.

Benefits of Automotive Parts Carousels

parts department storage carousel automotiveSpace Savings

One of the most significant benefits of vertical parts carousels is space savings. The parts carousels utilize vertical space to increase your storage capacity in a compact footprint. By transferring your parts storage from traditional bin shelving to a vertical carousel, you can save up to 80% floor space. Visit our online store to see our automotive storage products.

Automated parts storage carousels have a scalable design to accommodate changing storage needs. Depending on your overhead space, they are available in heights ranging from 12’ to 60’. Installing a vertical carousel for your parts department can alleviate overcrowded or disorganized storage and free up floor space for more productive activities.


An automated parts storage carousel will allow your parts department to operate more efficiently. Employees can locate and retrieve parts more quickly and accurately since the carousel brings the specified parts directly to an ergonomic retrieval station. And with less time wasted looking for parts, dealerships can provide faster customer service and increase customer satisfaction.


Unlike traditional bin shelving, vertical parts carousels keep your stored parts secure and protected from unauthorized access. The enclosed storage system is lockable and equipped with password protection. You can also program the software to restrict access to specific shelves with more sensitive or expensive parts; administrators would use an ID badge or PIN code to gain access to these materials.


vertical parts carousel automotiveAn automated vertical carousel makes your employees’ jobs safer and easier by delivering needed parts to an ergonomic retrieval station. Personnel no longer have to take the time to walk through aisles of shelving searching for a part, nor do they have to risk injury by bending, reaching, or climbing ladders to retrieve parts.

Software Integration

One of the most desirable features of parts department carousels is cutting-edge inventory management software. This software conveniently integrates with your existing dealer management software and keeps track of all your stored parts and transactions. Thus, you’ll always be able to see the exact amount of inventory you have stored at any given time.

Among other features, the software automatically programs when to perform cycle counts, eliminating the need for tedious manual cycle counting. You can learn more about automotive vertical carousel software here.

Contact Us for Automated Parts Storage Carousels

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for automated parts storage carousels for automotive parts departments. We will also provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083  or send us a message message today.



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