Package storage smart lockers simplify delivery & asset management processes

package storage smart lockers seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaPackage storage smart lockers simplify delivery and asset management processes for hotels, schools, apartments, and more in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Yakima, Renton, Olympia and throughout the state of Washington. Rather than relying on personnel to pass items along, recipients have convenient, 24/7 access to packages through an automated user-friendly touchscreen. It eliminates the hand-to-hand exchange process, thereby preventing employees from being accountable if stuff gets damaged from the point of storage to retrieval.

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To ensure a more secure yet easier delivery and asset management process, mail carriers put items awaiting pickup in separate compartments within the same locker bank. As a result, postal workers no longer have to waste time going door-to-door with heavy parcels in hand. Typical configurations come in a modular column format, with many rows configured to fit different parcel sizes. Their design often includes one end panel that provides a clean and pleasing finish. Furthermore, its centralized diagonal touch screen allows angled integration to give able-bodied and disabled users ergonomic access.

You can even custom order the systems in millwork or metalwork finishes that fit your application budget and individual tastes. In addition, schools, hotels, and apartment complexes have the option to add outbound mail compartments if desired. These have integrated drop slots large enough to accept and secure outgoing mail. The outbound compartments provide further benefits to users, including:

  • Preventing students from going to the post office and wasting time while waiting in line to mail something.
  • Keeping packages separate and organized while eliminating confusion about where users should place parcels that need mailing.
  • Sorting is fast and easy for mail carriers, allowing faster and more efficient package handling and distribution.

How to operate package storage smart lockers

To operate the package storage smart lockers, users must execute these three simple steps:

  1. During parcel drop-off, simply use the automated touchscreen to log in.
  2. Next, scan the package’s receipt into tracking software system to ensure secure monitoring.
  3. Then, set the parcel into an available locker compartment.
  4. To pickup delivered parcels, users receive an alert through text or email. It includes an assigned, one-time pin code which you must use to complete retrieval.
  5. Last, systems record package drop-offs and pick-ups in real-time through an audit trail that protects the custody chain and keeps everyone accountable during exchanges.

Package storage smart lockers features & benefits

delivery asset management seattle spokane tacoma bellevue everett kent yakima renton olympiaThe package storage smart lockers have many other features and benefits. Some include:

  • You have a simple, user-friendly LCD touch interface that provides 24/7 convenient and secure access without keys.
  • Since you’re allowed full availability day or night, you’ll have no more missed deliveries and re-delivery attempts, improving service efficiency.
  • You can customize the solutions to fit specific configuration, performance, and aesthetic needs.
  • Systems’ software allows customization to meet specific workflow needs.
  • Fewer costs in connection with missed deliveries.

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