Industrial Compacting Racks Storing Legacy Parts

storing gas & wind turbine legacy parts in compact pallet racksA major gas and wind turbine manufacturing company needed a better way to store and access their legacy parts. With a recently constructed facility, expanding the warehouse was out of the question—even so, they were going to need additional storage space in the very near future with their quickly growing business. The solution was storing gas and wind turbine parts in mobile industrial compacting racks and shelves, which not only prevented the company from having to expand, but also offered productivity boosts and better-organized storage for their warehouse. Click here to learn more about industrial compacting racks and shelves.

More Warehouse Storage In Less Space

The mobile industrial compacting racks were exactly what the company needed for storing their gas, wind turbine, and legacy parts in their warehouse. The legacy parts are not used on a daily basis and are purchased in bulk to be used when repairs are needed. Old parts were also being stored in the same space, as well as a mix of other materials and industrial compacting racks shelves

With its high weight capacity (up to 16,000 lbs. per carriage), the mobile industrial compacting racks and shelves were the perfect solution to store and organize their parts. The system is ideal for storing a large amount of parts in a small area while still offering 100% accessibility. The carriages move side to side on tracks with the push of a button with aisles that are wide enough for forklifts to navigate safely. They were also able to double their storage capacity within the same footprint that they normally would have filled with static pallet racks. The company was also able to save on costs, since the mobile racks are designed to work in tandem with existing racking and there was no need to purchase all new racks for the system.

Though the increased storage capacity in the same space was the main priority of the system, the company experienced many additional benefits. The durability of the mobile industrial compacting racks are extremely durable, leaving them with no worried about damage or maintenance issues. Additional carriages were also added to the system to accommodate even more gas and win turbine parts and materials. Click here to watch a video on how compact pallet racks can help save space and improve your storage in your warehouse.

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Storing Gas & Wind Turbine Parts in Mobile Industrial Compacting Racks Shelves