Expanding and Compressing Storage Systems for Material Storage Facilities

Expandable Pallet RacksStationary pallet racks waste as much as 64% of your warehouse floor space. If you replace them with expanding and compressing storage systems like Expandable Pallet Racks, you will be able to recoup that wasted space, to create new office space, staging areas, or add more pallet racks. Also, because expandable pallet racks store, organize, and secure your inventory in a smaller area, they create operational efficiencies that increase productivity (Expandable Pallet Rack Photos).

Expanding and Compressing Storage Systems Maximize Space and Increase Productivity

The expanding and compressing storage systems will maximize your warehouse storage floor space and increase employee productivity. Expandable pallet racks are created by mounting rows of pallet racks onto heavy-duty rolling carriages and placing them on floor tracks. Rows of expandable pallet racks (up to 96’ long) move sideways along the floor tracks, which creates a movable floating access aisle to stored materials. Expandable pallet racks maximize space by reducing the number of static access aisles in your warehouse storage area. Multiple expanding and compressing storage aisles can be provided to your storage area, to ensure worker productivity. At the end of the day the expandable pallet racks compresses together and lock to secure your storage area. Click for more information about six types of pallet racks six types of pallet racks.

The Expandable Pallet Racks Touchpad Security System Safeguards Access

expanding and compressing pallet rack storage systems

A unique feature of the expandable pallet racks is the controlled access touchpad entry system. Each person is set up with an individual pin, which controls what area(s) of the storage system they can access. The touchpad allows the warehouse storage manager to control and manage which areas everyone has access to and which areas are secured for designated personnel only. The touchpad system also keeps an audit trail of when and where individuals were in the storage area.

Workers and Inventory are Protected with Lasers on the Expandable Pallet Racks

expandable pallet racks compressing storage system

The expandable pallet racks are equipped with two infrared laser safety systems. One runs across the entry to the open aisle and detects when someone enters or exits the aisle. When someone enters an open aisle, the laser light is interrupted, deactivating the power to the system automatically and instantaneously. The power controls are reactivated when the person exits the aisle. The second laser safety device runs along the face of the racking rows and detects whether an object or person is in the aisle. The safety system deactivates the system and it becomes inoperable when the laser comes in contact with a box or object left in the aisle. The system will remain inoperable until someone manually resets the safety feature on the touchpad control display.

Designing and Installing Expanding and Compressing Storage Systems

Southwest Solutions Group® has been designing and installing expanding and compressing storage systems like expandable pallet racks since 1969. Our trained sales representatives are knowledgeable in ADA and Fire Code compliance, floor load implications, and innovative layout designs to bring you the best value, code compliance, and efficient solutions. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us to see how expandable pallet racks will benefit your material handling facility.