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Last updated: February 16, 2018

Automated Batch Picking with Automated VLMs & Carousels

multi-color light-directed batch pickingMany warehouses and distribution applications use batch picking with automated material handling systems such as vertical lift modules (VLMs) and vertical or horizontal carousels. There's no doubt that these automated systems, while more efficient, cost a lot of money up-front. Instead of adding more machines when you need higher throughput, you can utilize your systems to their maximum effectiveness with multi-color light-directed batch picking with automated VLM and carousel workstations to meet increasing demands. Click here to learn more about automated VLMs and carousels.

Multi-Color Pick Lights

With multi-color and light-directed batch picking, you can use a more flexible labor system that enables operations to add labor to a workstation at peak times to meet increased order demands. When batch picking to VLM or carousel workstations, facilities can utilize multi-color light-directed batch picking operations to support as many as eight pickers simultaneously to dramatically increase throughput levels.

First, the WMS groups and releases order batches to the automated workstations. Each of these orders is assigned to a specific position in a tote or cubby. The multi-color light-directed put modules display up to eight different colors to indicate different picks. Each picker is assigned to a specific pod within the workstation, and each picker follows the direction of their assigned color. At the automated machines, pick-to-light technology directs each picker to the specific SKU and quantity to pick. Once each operator confirms the pick, the operator places the order in the assigned location, which is illuminated by the light modules at the workstation. After confirmation, the pickers follow their assigned colors to the next SKU according to the pick lights. The process repeats until all picks are completed. Click here to see how batch picking software works.automated vlm vertical horizontal carousel workstations

Using multi-color light-directed batch picking with automated workstations provides:

  • Increased system throughput
  • Flexible labor to handle peaks in demand
  • Lower cost of automation per picker
  • Less time spent searching for items
  • Increased ergonomics
  • Less space needed for item storage and batch picking processes
  • Improved accuracy

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