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mobilized storage systems lead to space efficiency and productivity for materials operations centerA materials operations center wanted to implement a new strategy for the movement of both fast and slow-moving production materials. This would require slow-moving materials to be stored closer to the point of use, rather than storing a portion of them in offsite storage. However, their building’s footprint was inadequate because of the recent reduction in space due to additional storage, and they could not expand their building. The solution was storing smarter by using mobilized storage for maximum space efficiency in their building. (See videos See videos)

70% Storage Capacity And 15% Efficiency Increases

The mobilized storage system designed for the operations center’s warehouse increased the building’s storage capacity with its industrial-grade carriages that can be equipped with new or existing pallet racking, shelving, and/or cabinets. The carriages move side to side on wheels mounted to a rail system, which eliminates the need for wasted open aisle spaces between rows of racking or shelving. Instead, users decide which aisle to open and are able to easily access stored materials while the remaining aisles stay closed. This means that only one access aisle is open at any given time, which can double storage capacity in the same amount of space as static shelving, or reduce the amount of space used by half.industrial mobilized storage pallet racks system

The mobilized storage units were able to replace five static racking units used to store slow-moving production components that arrive at the facility in palletized boxes. The mobilized storage now accommodates pallets of large plastic shipment containers. Each of the system’s four mobilized carriages has three levels and 16 vertical feet of available storage space and built with existing and new pallet racking to save on costs. Employees use a pallet stacker to access stored materials. To use the system, a user pushes a button at the front of the carriage to open the desired aisle, which can expand to a full 12 feet, and can be accessed from either side. The rails are recessed in the floor, which ensures a smooth transition as the stacker moves in and out of the aisles. The design of the mobilized storage units also eliminated the need for structural footings and leveling that would have been costly for the company. The system is also designed for safe operation with infrared and visible red light beams projected along the length of the carriage base that stops the system’s movement when broken by an object, such as someone’s foot or a piece of inventory.

The company was able to increase capacity for storing slow-moving materials by 70% despite their smaller footprint. They were able to store materials closer to the point of use, which resulted in 15% gain in efficiency as measured by minutes per transaction. Inventory control has also improved since it’s easier to track production materials on site. With their slow and fast-moving inventory in sync, these improvements have allowed the materials operations center to support additional functions as planned.materials operations center uses mobilized storage system to increase storage capacity and efficiency

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