Aluminum Extrusion Solids Storage & Retrieval

heavy duty aluminum extrusion automated storageTraditionally, aluminum extrusions including dies, solids, hollows, and backers are stored upright on high sections of static racking. These items are heavy and can be difficult to reach during manual pulling processes, which increases the risk of worker injury or damage to inventory. Time is also wasted when these items need to be transported across the facility to the extrusion machine. Heavy duty aluminum extrusion and die inventory control with automated storage and retrieval lifts provide a solution that increases space, productivity, efficiency, and ergonomics while allowing you to keep inventory at the point of use. Click here to watch a video showing how the automated storage and retrieval lifts work.

Die Inventory Control & Ergonomic Storage

When an operator scans a work order or enters a die number or tray, the automated storage and retrieval shuttles automatically deliver trays of aluminum extrusions and dies to an ergonomically positioned window where operators can easily access or integrate with forklifts or other material handling equipment. The trays fully extract for use with forklifts or cranes. Up to 30 dies can be stored in each tray, providing a high storage capacity in much less space than traditional racks. Up to 31 trays of 30 dies will fit in a 16′ high shuttle for a maximum capacity of 930 dies per unit.

Die inventory control software provides maximum efficiency and tracks each dies’ location, the operators that have used the system, and the system’s usage history. Access to individual trays can also be restricted to authorized users for increased security. A shutter door also locks to keep dies stored safely and prevent the buildup of dust.aluminum extrusion automated storage retrieval die inventory control

  • Die inventory control manages locations to eliminate operator walk and search time
  • Maintenance intervals tracked and scheduled for proactive servicing to reduce last minute downtime
  • Operator tracking promotes accountability for die damage and misplacement
  • Maximum space utilization eliminates wasted floor space
  • Improves productivity with ease of storage and retrieval for operators
  • Quick retrieval with dies available instantly
  • Enhanced ergonomics eliminates bending, reaching, and stretching that can lead to injury

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