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Last updated: June 06, 2019

Storing Heavy Parts & Machinery

asrs vlm tray extraction integrated craneA manufacturer of precision parts was seeking storage and retrieval products that could improve the smoothness of their production processes, save space, protect goods, and increase their operations performance for operators. They were able to improve their heavy parts storage and retrieval with AS/RS VLM (automatic sending and receiving vertical lift modules) with tray extraction and integrated cranes to meet their production goals and increase performance by 400%. Click here to watch a video about how the ASRS VLM works.

Automatic Heavy Parts Storage Systems

Quality and efficient service, versatility, and flexibility are paramount to the manufacturer. Their storage includes stainless steel components as well as other materials that are stored in plastic boxes in their warehouse. Previously, all of their material was stored on static shelving. Stored items were often covered with dust and exposed to corrosion, which resulted in unnecessary and costly waste. There was also a lack of control and visibility of parts and their locations, limited space capacity, and a workplace that required operators to risk injury by climbing stairs and shelves. This contributed to a low operations performance that was affecting their ability to provide their customers with excellent service.

heavy parts storage retrieval asrs vlmThe ASRS VLM with automatic full tray extraction and an integrated crane was able to meet all of their operational needs for heavy parts storage and retrieval. It uses a compact footprint to increase storage volume of the boxes by 30% and improve the number of daily operations from 20 to 100—a 400% improvement. The integrated crane and tray extraction easily lifts loads of over 44 lbs and provides ergonomic working conditions while dramatically reducing work efforts. The enclosed VLM system also protects stored items from dust and dirt that would result in loss of value or unusable items. The integrated software also provides complete stock control and visibility of items at all times. Click here to learn more about ASRS VLM software.


  • 30% increase of storage volume in less space than static shelves
  • Protection of stored materials from dust and dirt
  • 400% increase in operations performance
  • Increased workplace safety and ergonomics
  • Full visibility for stock and locations control

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