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Obtain Secure Long Term Storage by Storing Property and Evidence in Vertical Carousels

vertical carousels storing property and evidence and saving space

In many law enforcement agencies, the property and evidence room lack proper security and storage equipment to protect and store evidence. We specialize in providing storage systems that organize and secure your evidence in less floorspace. Storing property and evidence in Vertical Carousels provides secure long-term storage while maximizing your storage space and securing your agency's property and evidence. (view images of Vertical Carousels)

Vertical Carousels Secures A Wide Variety Of Property and Evidence

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There are a variety of items that can be securely stored in Vertical Carousels. These storage machines convert unused overhead air space into productive storage to reduce the space requirements for storing property and evidence. The Vertical Carousels are fully enclosed with a locking access door to retrieve and store evidence.

Requested evidence is delivered to a waist-high work counter at the push of a button. Vertical Carousels are flexible to handle a wide range of evidence, storing items as small as a glass side to items as large as a lawnmower. Here are some examples of property and evidence that can be stored in a Vertical Carousel:secure long term evidence storage in vertical carousels

  • Evidence bins envelopes and bags
  • Drugs, syringes, and money
  • All types of weapons and firearms
  • Computers and computer media
  • Electronics

Vertical Carousels extend up using overhead space instead of floorspace. This means you can store your property and evidence in about 75% less floorspace than traditional storage shelving.

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