DSM Property And Evidence Lockers Maintain the Chain of Custody

police-evidence-lockers-temporary-storage-lockable-cabinetsDSM Property and Evidence Lockers provide secure storage for all types of temporary evidence and handling accountability for law enforcement facilities (view property & evidence storage image gallery). Officers will be able to account for and deposit evidence at any time, day or night. These unmanned lockers ensure safe and secure storage of temporary evidence to maintain accountability. DSM Property and Evidence Lockers make sure that once the evidence is deposited, only authorized personnel can access and remove it.

How to Deposit Evidence Into the DSM Property and Evidence Lockers

DSM Property and Evidence Lockers do not use keys or combination codes when depositing evidence. All unused evidence compartment doors remain unlocked and held shut by self-closing door hinges until evidence is deposited. The rear access door located inside the property and evidence room remains locked at all times except for the removal of evidence by authorized personnel.

To deposit evidence:

  • Select a vacant compartment
  • Open the door and deposit evidence
  • Close the door and turn T-handle clockwise to the horizontal position
  • Depress lock button, located in frame adjacent to T-handle to secure door

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How to Retrieve Evidence From the DSM Property and Evidence Locker

Retrieving evidence form the DSM Property and Evidence Lockers is done from the inside of the property and evidence Room by authorized personnel.

To retrieve evidence:

  • Unlock and open rear main door
  • Remove evidence and prepare for permanent storage
  • Reset front door by using front release mechanism
  • T-handle on the deposit door will automatically revert to vertical position
  • Close rear door and locked

DSM Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockersdsm property evidence locker

DSM Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers satisfy the need for controlled handling of temperature-sensitive non-hazardous evidence. DSM Refrigerated Evidence Storage Lockers can be retrofitted into any existing DSM lockers. Keyless button locking systems secure individual refrigerated compartments from unauthorized access. Dual circulation fans maintain a uniform compartment temperature.

DSM Refrigerated Evidence Storge Lockers Standard Features:

  • Fully assembled and ready for use with stainless steel interior throughout
  • Maintains controlled temperature of 38°F – 42°F (3°C – 5.5°C) with circulation fans
  • ‘Power On’ digital temperature display with keyless locking system prevents re-access by depositor to secured evidence
  • Available in Pass-Thru and Non-Pass-Thru locker types
  • Powered by 115V / 15 amp

DSM Evidence Drying Cabinets

DSM Evidence Drying Cabinets provide controlled access for blood and biological samples that is designed to connect to exhaust ducting.

DSM Evidence Drying Cabinets Features:

  • Stainless steel inside and out with double wall construction with 3 removable racks and removable hanger rod
  • Louvered door vents with a replaceable filter with filtered 8″ I.D. top exhaust duct
  • Fine mesh floor screen with magnetic door gaskets with radius interior corners for easier cleaning and drainage pipe with shut-off valve
  • Combination lock on door
  • Outside dimensions (82″H x 36″W x 24″D), Inside dimensions (62″H x 30″W x 21″D)

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DSM Property and Evidence Lockers Design and Installation  Assistance

We provide design and installation assistance for DSM Property and Evidence Lockers in your law enforcement facility. Send us a message today or call us at 1-800-803-1083 to speak with one of our public safety storage specialists.