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Gun Bags versus Storage Boxes

Storing handguns, shotguns, rifles, and other weapons can be challenging decision for evidence technicians. Deciding on how you want to protect, store, and organize your evidence takes careful consideration and planning. There are two generally accepted approaches for storing evidence weapons: Property & Evidence Gun Bags and gun storage boxes. Our partner, StoreMoreStore, has both Property & Evidence Gun Bags and storage boxes for handguns, shotguns, and rifles available for purchase online. While both gun storage options are better than stacking guns unprotected, let's take a closer look at the benefits of evidence gun bags vs storage boxes for storing guns.

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Bag Construction versus Cardboard Box Construction

Both evidence gun bags and storage boxes are acceptable methods for storing property and evidence. Choosing between the construction of gun bags or storage boxes depends on your unique handling requirements, space, cost, and re-usability. Evidence gun bags are constructed of heavy-duty polyester fabric that hangs on hooks to provide air flow circulation. The gun storage bags can be washed and reused and will not degrade from oil and solvents. On the other hand, gun evidence storage boxes are constructed of rigid cardboard that provides lightweight, yet strong construction. One of the benefits of gun storage box construction is a large easy to read surface area for labeling box contents.

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Storing Bags versus Cardboard Evidence Storage Boxes

In any evidence storage room space and organization is always an issue, we hope the following information helps you determine the most cost efficient storage method for your evidence room gun storage. Both the hanging evidence gun bag storage system and cardboard storage box shelving system provide a clean, professional, and organized evidence room. The cardboard gun storage boxes are stored on shelving units and will take up about twice the space when compared to the evidence gun bag storage system. The gun bag storage system is more space efficient because gun bags will compact together on hanging gun racks with rails.

Cost of Gun Bags versus Cardboard Gun Storage Boxes

If you are looking at price alone, the cardboard gun storage boxes are less expensive than the cost of evidence gun bags. But, make sure you factor in the cost of shelving for gun storage boxes, as well as space considerations and re-usability before you make your decision.

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