As businesses grow, warehouses can no longer rely on the most basic types of pallet rack systems to efficiently manage operations. Instead, many businesses have started investing in more advanced storage alternatives to maximize their warehouse space and reduce costs. Traditional options, such as selective pallet racks, still have a purpose and remain instrumental in helping warehouses and distribution centers operate efficiently. However, analyzing the different types of space-saving pallet rack systems may help you to reduce costs while maintaining efficient operations in your warehouse. This article will take a look at several types of space-saving pallet rack systems to maximize your space and reduce your operating overhead costs.

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Below are the six types of pallet rack systems that will be covered in this article.

Six Types of Pallet Rack Systems to Maximize your Space

Sometimes one type of pallet storage system will not provide for all your needs, so proper planning and creative thinking are important to designing a space and cost-efficient layout.

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Selective Racking

Traditional selective racking provides 100% selectivity to palletized materials. While selective racks help to organize your bundled supplies and offer the best access to stored materials, these systems are the most inefficient pallet storage option for maximizing space.

Compact Pallet Racks

Compact pallet racks, also known as mobile pallet racks and motorized pallet racks, are one of the simplest ways to maximize your warehouse space.

This type of pallet rack system can reduce your space up to 60% by removing static aisles. The racks work by mounting your existing or new pallet racks on heavy-duty motorized carriages that move rows of racks left to right through the push of a button or remote control mechanisms mounted on a fork truck.

Rows of pallet racks (up to 96’ long) are guided on floor tracks to create access aisles where and when needed. This type of pallet rack system is highly reliable and incorporate several safety devices to protect users while in the aisles and materials left accidentally in an open aisle.

Push Back Racking

push back pallet racking

A push back rack uses rollers with a spring-loaded mechanism to keep stored pallets easily accessible in the front pallet position. When multiple pallets are placed on a rack level, the tension spring is engaged. When pallets are removed, the spring mechanism pulls the pallet to the front position.

Push back pallet racking systems allow for fast, simple pallet management. Configurations are perfect for accommodating two, three, or four deep pallet storage. These racks provide good storage density but limited selectivity.

pallet gravity flow racks

Pallet Flow Racking

Pallet flow racks, otherwise known as gravity flow racks, promote FIFO (first-in, first-out) stock rotation. Materials are loaded into the back of the pallet storage system and flow to the front on slightly sloped rollers using gravity.

Pallets are then pulled from the front side of the storage system by forklift operators. Pallet flow racks have superior storage density and are perfect in situations where stock rotation is important. These systems can be used in cold storage warehouses and triple the storage capacity when compared to selective pallet racks.

drive thru pallet racking

Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racking is perfect when storing like items such as roofing shingles. This racking system creates storage lanes that fork trucks drive into. The lanes are several levels high using heavy-duty rails to hold the pallets. The fork truck operator drives into the racks and places the pallet on heavy-duty rails. Drive-in racks have excellent storage density, limited selectivity, and restricted ability to rotate stock.

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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks have long adjustable arms protruding from a centralized column. Unlike other systems, this pallet storage solution does not require a front vertical post, which allows long materials to be easily and safely loaded. Cantilever racks are perfect for elongated supplies like piping, lumber, and steel tubing. These racks can support high load capacities.

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