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Information Management Solutions

What Are IMS Storage Solutions?

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Information is an invaluable resource that must be managed properly. Lost or misplaced information can lead to catastrophic consequences for a company or organization. Our Information Management Solutions have helped numerous businesses collect, store, protect, organize, verify, and process information. 

Why Do You Need IMS Storage?

Our information management solutions are used by the government and businesses, education institutions, healthcare facilities, and law offices. Some of the benefits you can expect from enterprise information management solutions include: 

1. Help Your Business Go Paperless

Many organizations are still dependent on paper-based systems, which can impede workflow, pose security threats, and are a cost burden. If you’re ready to transition away from paper, we’re here to assist. Our Document Scanning Services will digitize the paperwork you currently use, while our Document Management Software can help you organize all those new digital files. Do you have a healthcare facility that needs to go digital? Turn to our HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Scanning to digitize patient medical history – all while adhering to the law.  

2. Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Time spent searching through stacks of paper and files is inefficient and unproductive, and can ultimately be costly. It can also put employee morale through the wringer. A good management information solution like our Barcode & RFID Tracking guarantees safe and speedy storage and retrieval of information, while Records Retention Schedules cut down on the number of files your organization keeps in general. Your staff will spend more time on their duties or helping customers and less time digging for the right paperwork. 

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