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Last updated: June 02, 2021

Keep Weapons Secure With Weapons Racks and RFID Weapons Software

rfid-tracking-weapon-cabinet-racks-shelvingLaw enforcement and military units need to keep their weapons secure, organized, and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Additionally, it is more important than ever that weapons be effectively tracked. 

At Southwest Solutions, we offer many different public safety storage solutions, including adaptable weapons racks and RFID weapons tracking software. Combining weapons racks with an RFID weapons tracking system will create a space-efficient, secure armory management system.

Adaptable Weapons Racks

Our SpacesaverⓇ Weapons Racks are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of types, sizes, and gear used by military police, firearm training facilities, and unit and battalion armories. These weapons racks can store over 50 styles of weapons in one adjustable and flexible cabinet. Change the interior of each rack as your weapons requirements change. Need more storage? Our weapons racks are fully stackable and can be ganged together without the need for chains.

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RFID Gun Tracking Helps You Manage Your Weapons Inventory

You need to know where your weapons are at all times. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking software can give you the visibility you need. This police firearms management software automates the management and tracking of weapons and other gear, providing an audit trail, so you always know the who, what, when, and where of weapons inventory. Use portable RFID readers to rapidly inventory weapons and other gear and find misplaced or missing items.

The portable RFID readers can read any weapons within a few feet of the reader. Find misplaced weapons by entering the weapon serial number into the reader. When the reader comes within a few feet of the misplaced weapon, the reader will beep. You can also place fixed RFID readers at armory issue stations and doorways to read items passing into and out of the armory. 

Transportable Weapons Racks for Mobility

In the military, weapons often need to be shipped out into the field. Our weapons racks can be designed with heavy-duty casters for better mobility. Weapons are held securely in place, meeting TACOM security requirements.weapons-racks-rfid-tracking-software-smgif

High-Density Storage for Armories

Do you need to store a large inventory of weapons? Optimize your storage space with high-density mobile storage. This system places your weapons racks on tracks to eliminate unused aisle space. Now you can maximize your floor space and keep all your weapons in one convenient, central location. You can also add additional weapons racks to the tracks to increase your storage capacity. PIN-access control touchpads make it easy to prevent unauthorized access and to keep a clear audit trail of all access. 

Invest in Police Firearms Management Software

You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to storing weapons, so make sure you invest in the right weapons storage racks and RFID weapons tracking system. At Southwest Solutions, we believe effectively tracking weapons can keep our law officers, soldiers, and the public safer, and ensure weapons get to where they need to be. Contact us today for a quote. 


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