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Public Safety Storage Solutions

overview of police storage solutionsSmart and safe storage is an absolute necessity for law enforcement and other public service departments. Southwest Solutions Group's® safety storage products are designed to store weapons, sensitive information, and evidence to create a safer, more organized work environment.

Our public safety solutions include Weapons Storage & Gun Lockers to keep ammunition, firearms, and bladed weapons safe and secure. We also provide Filing & Records Storage to enhance a department’s efficiency and allow officers to protect their communities instead of spending hours looking for paperwork.

The Importance of Public Safety Storage Solutions

Police officers and other public service workers have demanding jobs that require high levels of organization and security. Our law enforcement storage and other public safety solutions offer benefits like:

  • Ensuring the security of short and long-term evidence. Law enforcement personnel need to ensure that evidence and sensitive information stays safe. Evidence Lockers ensure that evidence never gets lost or compromised. For evidence that needs to be stored for extended periods, Long-Term Evidence Shelving will get the job done and occupy less space thanks to its lack of access aisles that take up extra space.
  • Keeping guns and ammunition secure. Weapons Storage & Gun Lockers ensure that all guns and ammunition are safely and securely stored. Our storage solutions can hold a variety of weapons—not just firearms—and keep them properly stored while remaining accessible during emergencies.
  • Creating personal safe storage for officers. We understand that law enforcement officers have demanding jobs and hectic schedules. Our Police Gear Lockers can hold critical items like uniforms, street clothes, personal items, and more, helping your officers stay organized and efficient and boosting morale as a result.

All of our products are designed to ensure efficient processes and provide a conducive work environment. We count law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, fire stations, courthouses, and crime labs among the many customers we’ve helped.

Since 1969, Southwest Solutions has designed, installed, and maintained storage units of all types in many industries. As veterans in the storage industry, we understand the challenges and unique storage needs of public service departments. Whatever your safety storage needs are, we’d be honored to serve you. Give us a call today.

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