Motorized Vertical Carousels are made to optimize unused space in your work setting. Between the ease of use and improving workflow, these vertical carousel storage systems can open up your floor plan for more productivity.

Motorized Vertical Carousels

rolled vinyl motorized vertical storage display carouselWire, vinyl, tires, carpet, textiles, garments, spools, and other rolled materials have this in common: They’re niche products that are difficult to store on conventional systems. With the rise in e-commerce, lack of physical space, and high customer expectations, your storage systems should be able to keep up with your business demands. That’s why these motorized vertical carousels are specifically designed for the storage and display of rolled and specialty products for faster retrieval, easier access, and improved ergonomics to keep your processes efficient and streamlined. (See videos see videos)

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Rolled Goods & Specialty Product Storage Challenges

Motorized Carousel Quick Benefits

Motorized Carousel Types

Custom Configurations

Carousel Options & Accessories

Industry Solutions

Rolled Goods & Specialty Product Storage Challenges

  • Temperature: Rolled goods and specialty products often need to be stored in a controlled environment with air conditioning.
  • Moisture: Without climate control, moisture can build up in rolled products and cause damage, deterioration, or waviness (in the case of material like vinyl and plastic). Items should also never be stored within direct contact of concrete floors or exterior walls to keep materials as dry as possible.
  • Pressure/Crushing: When rolled materials and round items like tires are stored horizontally and stacked on top of each other, the combined weight of products on upper levels can damage or crush items on lower levels.
  • Floor Space: Due to their shape and bulkiness, rolled materials can take up a lot of valuable floor space when stored on regular static racks.
  • Difficult Access: Retrieval, especially for bulkier items, can be difficult and time-consuming. Employees spend extra time locating, loading, and unloading products, which may even require additional machinery like forklifts to retrieve.
  • Safety & Ergonomics: Difficult retrieval processes also cause numerous health and safety issues. Employees need to strain to retrieve heavy items, leaving them vulnerable to injury. Climbing ladders, steps, or operating forklifts and other equipment also increase the risk of accidents.

Motorized Carousel Quick Benefits

The motorized vertical carousels offer a large number of benefits, and there are many different configurations depending on your application and storage needs.

Here is a quick overview of the benefits you can expect from installing any type of motorized carousel:hardware specialty storage motorized vertical carousels

  • Accommodates multiple diameters & types of materials
  • Allows one person to do the work of multiple people
  • Automatic operation reduces search and retrieval time
  • Custom sizes available
  • Easy for one person to operate
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Multi-tower & bridge options
  • Optional full enclosure for items that require extra security
  • Optional integrated cutting boards
  • Organization and visibility make inventory easier
  • Positioned at point-of-use
  • Prevents damage from handling
  • Prevents injury from lifting
  • Product line integration with your existing system
  • Reduces the need for heavy machinery, forklifts, and ladders
  • Saves floor space
  • Security keypad prevents unauthorized use

Motorized Carousel Types

There are several different types of vertical storage carousels that can be used for an assortment of special uses. Between organizing car tires, to paint cans, or even textiles, motorized carousels can organize so many types of products. Here are seven of the types of vertical carousel storage.


Proper storage and handling of tires slow down natural degradation and prevent factors like heat, direct sunlight, ozone, and oxygen from causing damage. With the increasing trend of automation in the automotive industry, more and more tire manufacturers are turning to automated systems like vertical tire carousels that are designed to save space and improve efficiency across the board.motorized vertical automotive tire storage carousel

Most tire warehouses with manual storage systems store tires on the tread, by lacing, or by barrel stacking. However, these common carousel storage methods have many pitfalls. Tires stored on manual shelves are difficult to load and unload and often require the use of a stepladder, which increases the risk of employee injury from falling. Techniques like lacing can also damage tires if they are stored in that position for too long or can be unstable and fall when unloading. When stacked, tires can also become warped and damaged from the weight. Forklifts are another concern, as they can easily puncture the tires. Ideally, tires should be stored either vertically or horizontally and above the floor with enough room to access them without disturbing other tires. Lastly, tire racks take up a lot of space—and this is especially a problem with the growing number of SKUs distribution centers have to accommodate, usually without increasing their footprint. It’s paramount that dealers find ways to utilize their existing space more efficiently.


garment clothing vertical carousel storageDesigned for high-density storage in a small footprint, the garment vertical carousel is a semi/fully automated system that stores up to 4,052 garments on a single standard carousel to save up to 80% of your floor space. Store anything from suits, coats, and shirts to trousers, gowns, costumes, uniforms, and more, and keep them accessible with just the push of a button.

The garment carousels can operate and track inventory with an individual database or can integrate with enterprise-level ERP systems with a touchscreen controller, bar code scanning, and a pick-to-zone system. This option is ideal for warehouses and distribution centers storing large volumes of garments as it streamlines order picking and fulfillment, product identification, real-time reporting and inventory counts, and multi-carousel support.

Wire Spools

wire spool motorized vertical carouselDue to their size, shape, and bulk, one of the toughest storage challenges is for wire, cable, ropes, chains, and anything stored on a spool. They are difficult to retrieve and can cause staff injury from manual handling. Additionally, the varying sizes and types of spools take up a lot of space. Cutting, measuring, and rewinding adds another level of difficulty.

Wire carousels storage systems are specifically designed for storing and retrieving reeled and spooled items. A vertically arranged set of carriers rotate up and down to deliver spools at the push of a button. A standard wire carrier uses three separate compartments, called wire bays, which can store multiple types and sizes of spools. Each wire bay can be subdivided to customize the configuration to your needs, whether you’re storing one large spool or multiple smaller spools. The carousels are also available with an optional integrated cut/measure/rewind system and loading dollies for spools up to 300 lbs.


motorized textile storage vertical carouselRolling is often the best solution for storing low-profile textiles with few or no embellishments. But, like any other materials, textiles can be damaged with the improper distribution of weight and stress. Storage on traditional racks can also be difficult to access with retrieval that requires extra time and manpower in addition to potential damage, especially if textiles need to be completely unrolled for retrieval. Textiles also require proper environmental control to maintain their integrity and can take up a large amount of floor space.

The textile carousels are an automated system designed for a wide variety of fabric rolls, including woven, non-woven, knitted, synthetic, netting, technical fabrics, and carpet in multiple widths, diameters, and sizes. Its versatility allows it to be used as a storage system or can be integrated into production lines to increase output and decrease roll changeover time. The carousels can also be equipped with real-time inventory management and tracking systems as well as options like bearings, tensioner collars, locking collars, and tapered cones to allow operators to pull the fabric off the carousel more easily. Optional cutting machines are also available to integrate seamlessly with the carousels for a complete storage, display, and cutting system.


vertical carousel motorized specialty storageVertical shelving carousels are ideal for storing bulky and heavy items that are difficult to store in typical carousels or on static racking. This makes it ideal for manufacturing lines, large warehouses, and mission-critical environments. You can also integrate the shelving carousels with order processing and inventory management software that will track your inventory and process pick list for fast and reliable retrieval.

Standard models provide up to 552 ft3 of storage with overall capacities of 13,000 lbs. or 34,000 lbs. Built-to-fit and custom configurations are available for unique storage requirements.

Standard shelving carousels with open carriers provide the flexibility required for storing SKU’s directly on the carrier with standard containers. Multi-level carriers have a shorter depth, which is ideal for storing and organizing small parts and other items.

Paint Cans & Resin

vertical motorized paint can resin carouselThe motorized carousels can also store 1-gallon paint cans, resin, and more. The carousel’s design allows customers to shop, compare, and select paint cans easily, which can be retrieved at the push of a button. Due to its vertical configuration, it stores more in a much smaller footprint than traditional static paint racks so you can use your space productively. With sizes ranging from under 10′ to over 20′, it’s easy for inventory to remain fully visible at all times. It also provides a clean and organized solution that looks great on the retail floor.

Custom Configurations

If your storage has ultra-specific requirements, these storage carousels can also be customized to your exact needs for any type of unique SKU’s. Some customization options include heavy-duty, multi-tower, bridged, and multi-spaced carousels.

Heavy Duty Carousels

We also provide heavy-duty versions of standard carousels. These heavy-duty configurations can store the most challenging loads with a lifting capacity of up to 27,000 lbs.

Multi-Tower Carousels

Multi-tower carousels consist of multiple standard carousel rows that are combined into a single machine, which provides higher storage capacity for the most optimal utilization of your floor space.

Bridged Carousels

Bridged carousels are specially designed to use your ceiling space, allowing extra space below for production lines, additional storage space, or other activities on the warehouse floor.

Multi-Space Carousels

While standard carousels use fixed spacing, the multi-space carousels use variable spacing that allows products of various sizes to be stored on a single carousel.

Carousel Options & Accessories

vertical carousel cutting rolling equipmentYou can further enhance your storage system with a variety of options and accessories designed to integrate seamlessly with the carousels.

Presentation Arm

Pneumatic presentation arms are designed to mechanically remove carriers from the carousel. As products are processed directly from the presentation arm, the carousel can continue operations without interruption. The presentation arm also provides additional stability and control.

Loading Nose

A loading nose provides access to carrier beams from above the unit so it can be loaded or unloaded with an overhead crane.

Gantry Crane

Attach gantry cranes to the face of a carousel for lifting products with specialized material handling requirements out of the carousel.

Cutting Equipment

You can also integrate various types of cutting equipment for measuring, cutting, and re-rolling materials without removing them from the carriers. The cutters are available with manual or motorized operation and attach to the front of the machine, using a small footprint and easily stored when not in use. The patented circular cutter provides a clean, straight cut with automatic blade sharpening. Like the carousels, these cutters only require one person to operate efficiently.

Industry Solutions

Motorized vertical carousels can offer great storage solutions for different industries. By optimizing the space people workaround, here is how these carousel storage systems create a better workflow.


motorized vertical carpet carousel storage displayTracking and managing inventory and overstocks, high overhead costs, overexpansion, maintenance, and supply chain inefficiencies are just a few of the common problems that plague the retail industry. Retailers must constantly keep up with consumer behaviors and new technology with adaptable, innovative solutions to be successful. Consumers expect a lot from retailers, and retailers should expect as much from their storage and management systems, too.

Motorized vertical carousels are a dynamic, flexible, and productive alternative to static storage systems. Store carpet rolls in department stores for customers to view, or use the paint can carousel for combined storage, display, and access. No matter what type of inventory you’re storing, we can design a carousel that meets any storage requirement.


Despite consistent growth, the construction industry is still facing challenges with labor shortages, rising costs, stagnant productivity levels, safety, and technology adoption. Inadequate planning, lack of collaboration, and wasted time from waiting on the delivery of materials and supplies play a big role in poor productivity. Additionally, the construction industry faces the highest number of worker deaths and workplace injuries due to accidents that are, sadly, very easily preventable.

If you have a construction site with a single location, motorized carousels would be a great way to consolidate your space and expedite inventory management. The motorized carousels can be configured for storing virtually anything, including flooring, electrical, and small parts. They also don’t require the use of heavy machinery, forklifts, or ladders that can cause accidents and injuries, and allow employees to retrieve heavy items without bending or lifting motions.

Warehouse & Distribution

specialty product storage display motorized carouselMany warehousing and distribution challenges—such as inventory accuracy, labor shortages, space utilization, and picking optimization—can be effectively addressed with automation.

Warehouses and distribution centers often deal with large amounts of inventory, which leads to a complicated inventory management system. In addition, warehouses also lack space. Once you add employee traffic, it’s no wonder how it could become chaotic and disorganized. For storing anything from clothes to tires, the motorized vertical carousels provide a space-efficient and user-friendly system that manages, stores, and retrieves your inventory with the push of a button.


Manufacturing faces many of the same challenges as the construction and warehousing distribution industries with the added pressure of environmental friendliness and regular maintenance.  Motorized vertical carousels are a multi-benefit solution to help reduce waste and improve productivity and safety at the same time. They allow you to store your materials in one specialized compact machine, which is designed to store your items with the most efficient and ergonomic storage and retrieval process. It not only reduces the physical space you need, but it also helps cut costs and reduce waste by reducing time spent managing inventory, storing and retrieving items, and locating stock.

Other Industries

One of the best things about the motorized vertical carousels is their versatility to adapt to any application. Among the applications listed above, the carousels are also commonly used in industries such as:automated vertical carousel rolled material storage

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