Kardex Remstar Horizontal Storage Carousels

horizontal-carousel-remstar-rotating-wire-shelves-push-button-shelvingKardex Remstar Horizontal Storage Carousels are automated spinning shelving units that save valuable floor space and increase personnel pick rates. Horizontal Storage Carousels consist of shelving units mounted on a track that rotates and spins horizontally bringing inventory items to the operator. Having parts brought automatically to the operator eliminates the time spent walking up and down aisles to retrieve and store inventory items. Horizontal Storage Carousels can be placed adjacent to one another creating a “storage pod”, which allows an operator to pick from one carousel while the others are rotating to the next pick position. Integrated QuickPick and pick-to-light technologies indicate the carousel, shelf level, and quantity of items to pick, making batch picking simple, fast and easy (view images of Horizontal Storage Carousels). Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

Benefits of Kardex Remstar Horizontal Storage Carousels

  • Increased throughput up to 600%
  • Reduced floorspace requirements by 60%
  • Reduced labor up to 2/3
  • Easy to modify carousel length
  • Fast ROI (Return On Investment)

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