Toolbox Refrigerator with Drawers

cold storage refrigerator toolbox cartFor labs and medical facilities thinking about building new, modernizing, or retrofitting storage areas for tools and cold storage, a toolbox refrigerator with drawers is an excellent way to go.

Because DNA is extremely sensitive, it quickly deteriorates in certain conditions. That means labs and medical facilities must ensure they’re meeting the highest quality experimental standards. Meeting those standards involves understanding the various mechanisms available for storing DNA for a lengthy timeframe.

Labs and evidence storage rooms must assess, review, and develop security protocols for DNA samples and other biological evidence. Laboratory workers, law enforcement officials, and medical professionals must keep samples secure. Ensuring they’re meeting these requirements means the incorporation of a lab toolbox refrigerator locking unit.

Understanding Cold Storage Toolboxes

A DNA samples refrigerator with drawers works the same way as a toolbox refrigerator. However, they are unlike a domestic toolbox garage refrigerator. For example, a mini-fridge garage toolbox features drawers on top, a refrigerator on the bottom, and a facade that makes it look like the entire unit has drawers.

Instead, this toolbox with a fridge includes unique options and features optimized for laboratory use. With refrigerator and freezer options, a mini-fridge toolbox is an essential piece of equipment for many laboratories and evidence storage areas. That way, lab professionals have an area with a defined internal storage temperature to protect and store temperature-sensitive chemicals, drugs, samples, solutions, specimens, and other substances.

A lab toolbox refrigerator locking unit features designs specifically for:

  • Storing medicines, samples, specimens, vaccines, and other items at a specific temperature range
  • Cooling specimens or samples for preservation
  • Storing medical and pharmaceutical supplies for healthcare facilities and professionals
  • Storing equipment, precise instruments, and tools necessary for conducting experiments that require specific temperature controls

Why Facilities Should Use a Stainless Steel Tool Box Refrigerator

toolbox drawers refrigerator storageLaboratory, law enforcement evidence storage, and medical facility storage are at a premium. That means professionals working within this industry must take creative measures when transporting materials and equipment from receipt to storage. Because collecting samples or distributing medications or vaccines takes time, these professionals benefit from using tool drawers with fridge options. That way, they have everything they need for collecting and storing items until it reaches cold storage in a laboratory refrigerator or freezer.

Unlike a mini-fridge garage tool chest, these units feature a stainless steel top with a refrigerator option, making them compliant with health regulations typically in healthcare facilities and laboratories. For example, when professionals must keep medications cool while administering them, they can implement a stainless steel toolbox refrigerator into their routines.

Here are some additional reasons why managers at facilities should incorporate a toolbox mini fridge:

  • Complying with inventory and security control for items that must remain in cold storage and reducing the risk of cross-contamination
  • Keeping items at a laboratory, medical professional, or law enforcement official’s fingertips while they’re performing their duties
  • Eliminating the need to hunt for equipment or tools when performing specific tasks with a patient or when collecting samples or specimens

How a Tool Box Refrigerator Improves Efficiency

Healthcare facilities, evidence storage areas, laboratories, and more are continually looking for ways to optimize workflows for greater efficiency. Ideally, management wants their staff members to work smarter and not harder. That means using practical resources and time management practices. Eliminating inefficiencies starts with making processes consistent from receiving samples or specimens to when they go into long-term storage.

For example, having the highest quality equipment is essential to how efficient a lab runs. So, if a technician uses a toolbox refrigerator, that means they have everything they need to work on specific tasks at their workstation or in other areas of a facility. For example, if they need to collect biological specimens from more than one person, they can use this mini-fridge toolbox as their workstation when moving from person to person.

Efficiency also includes technicians not having to walk to retrieve items to perform their duties. For example, using a DNA samples refrigerator with drawers means that technicians have all the tools and equipment they need along with temporary cold storage. There’s no need for them to leave their workstation when completing work. Instead, they load the mini-fridge with what they need before completing a job and then unload it into long-term refrigeration when they finish.

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Benefits and Features of a Toolbox with Fridge

Healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials, and lab technicians face many challenges when collecting, analyzing, and storing samples, specimens, and other substances. Sometimes items need temporary cold storage while these individuals continue working or transporting items to long-term cold storage. Using a toolbox with a fridge allows them to keep everything they need in one place.dna samples cold storage refrigerator toolbox

Additional benefits include

  • Provides a stable temperature for items in temporary cold storage
  • Bacteria-resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces
  • Compact design is excellent when workers must fit into tight spaces
  • Full-extension drawers and 10′ hospital-grade cord

The designs for a toolbox refrigerator are such that they provide reliable and safe storage between 38 and 50°F for daily use in industrial, medical, and research laboratories. Besides having solid double-wall doors, workers also find locking mechanisms to keep things secure and storage drawers for supplies and equipment.

Additional features include:

  • Separate compartments and drawers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Storage for medical supplies and other pertinent equipment
  • Cold storage for samples, specimens, medicines, and more
  • Casters that make it easier to transport from the job location to long-term cold storage

How a Mini Fridge Garage Toolbox Benefits the Military

toolbox cold refrigerator storageWithin the United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL), military professionals focus on making cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technical innovations. With strategic placement under the Army Futures Command, the ARL’s mission is transferring knowledge that helps improve the Army’s odds of winning conflicts in the future.

There are ARL facilities across the United States, with its headquarters in Adelphi, Maryland, and primary sites in Maryland, North Carolina, and New Mexico. By putting a mini-fridge garage toolbox at their workstations, military personnel experience benefits in efficiency, productivity, and time management. The main reason is that they can remain at their workstation from the beginning of a project to the end, even if they’re using materials that require cold storage.

Compact and mobile cold storage solutions for the government, military, and private sectors include:

  • Ensuring biological specimens go into cold storage immediately following their collection
  • No need to crowd samples, specimens, or other substances onto a cart each time collection occurs because they can load directly into the refrigerator
  • Temporary storage options when laboratories need to move things out of long-term cold storage
  • Adding additional storage options without the need to expand the laboratory’s existing footprint

Technical Specifications and Design

As laboratory technicians continue to get busier, so is the need for better designed material-handling solutions. Typically, facilities use in-house engineering teams when looking for answers about these systems. Architects and designers provide innovative temporary cold storage solutions to those in the athletic, educational, law enforcement, military, and more industries.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction that meets health and safety regulations
  • Pull-out drawers with perforated or solid bottoms for storing equipment and supplies
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
  • Optional locking mechanisms to increase security

Mobile Cold Storage Solutions

toolbox refrigerator cart cold storageIt isn’t uncommon for industries to need to have their tool and cold storage in a single unit. No matter if it’s in a lab or evidence storage room, professionals need high-quality and practical solutions. Implementation of stainless steel toolbox refrigerator accomplishes that goal. The technical specifications for each of these cold storage solutions vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are a couple of examples:

Model: Malignant Hypothermia Cart with Refrigerator: #SMS-50-MMH-330-DB

  • Casters: Range between 2″ economy and 5″ premium-quality
  • Certifications: ETL/cETL certified
  • Construction: Double wall with extra-thick plastic top
  • Dimensions: 25″ Deep x 32″ Wide x 46″ High
  • Drawer slides: Full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides
  • Opening: Three 3″ High drawers with refrigerator

Model: Stainless Case Carts: #SMS-86-ELCSC-1-P

  • Construction: 18-gauge type 300 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2’5″ Wide x 2’6″ Deep x 2’7-1/2″ High
  • Doors: Open at 270 degrees and feature double-panel reinforced construction
  • Opening: Inside 22″ Wide x 24″ Deep x 17″ High
  • Other: Optional Perforated Shelves (adjust on 2″ Increments)
  • Type: Surgical case carts with optional casters and shelves

When facilities have expert designers on staff, they can integrate a toolbox refrigerator into an existing footprint. Implementing a mini-fridge toolbox storage solution into a business involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation
  2. CAD drawings and plan presentation
  3. Project integration with existing toolbox and storage solutions
  4. Installation of the toolbox with fridge

Cold Storage Solutions for Labs and Hospitals

Southwest Solutions Group® offers innovative design and installation solutions for companies needing to combine tool and cold storage. Contact one of our professional designer experts online or call us at 1-800-803-1083 today. They’ll walk you through which toolbox with a fridge is best for your business.


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