Maintain Crystal Clear Chain of Custody with Pass-Through Evidence Lockers

evidence storage pass through lockersWhen it comes to building an airtight case, maintaining a secure chain of custody of evidence is critical. No law enforcement official wants a defense attorney questioning the handling of crucial evidence to try getting it thrown out. Evidence lockers can help you manage a clear chain of custody, especially pass-through lockers from Southwest Solutions.

The Benefit of Evidence Lockers

Lab technicians who process evidence often have weekends and holidays off. They also take vacations throughout the year. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t stop during their off-hours, and officers with high caseloads often don’t have time to organize the evidence they submit.

An evidence locker system allows officers to place pieces of evidence into individual lockers, so they don’t get lost or misplaced. Envelope slots in the locker panel also provide places for smaller evidence, such as narcotic bags and camera memory revit bim models

How Pass-Through Lockers Work

Pass-through lockers (also called pass-thru lockers) include doors on each side of the locker panel. Officers place evidence in the front of the locker while technicians open a back panel to retrieve the evidence. This system ensures that custody is always clearly established. The door to the back of the law enforcement lockers is clear, allowing the technicians to see whenever a new piece of evidence is deposited so they can address it promptly. pass through evidence storage lockers

Using Pass-Through Lockers to Recoup Evidence

The beauty of pass-through evidence lockers for police departments is that they can move evidence in both directions. For instance, if an officer or official needs to present evidence in court, a technician can place the item in a locker and email the officer with a special code to open the locker. These security precautions help maintain the chain of custody throughout the life of the evidence, from collection through processing and during a case.

Pass-Through Lockers and Other Public Safety Storage Solutions

For over 50 years, Southwest Solutions has offered public safety storage solutions to law enforcement and military institutions. Our police temporary evidence lockers are popular with precincts that want to maintain an airtight chain of custody. We believe that the right storage solutions can help in the fight for justice.

Interested in law enforcement lockers? Our design team can create a plan that will optimize the placement and use of your lockers based on your existing space and traffic patterns. Our installation team will then ensure that the lockers are installed up to spec. Hear from our previous clients to learn about our commitment to great customer service. Contact us today for a quote.




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