Drying cabinet & compact cooling evidence locker preserves

drying cabinet for storing biological materialDNA evidence emphatically proves or disproves an accuser’s involvement in a crime. Protect the integrity of samples collected at the scene of a crime by using a drying cabinet for storing biological material and a compact cooling evidence locker. Since DNA can be tested for and extracted from different forms of evidence, the type of storage method used to keep its evidentiary value intact will depend on the kind of samples that were collected when the scene was initially processed. Blood, hair fibers and skin cells are just a few examples of where DNA might exist. Both systems work to uphold the chain of custody established by law enforcement agencies and preserve whatever evidence is stored inside. For this reason, the threat of evidence tampering or risk of cross-contamination is significantly reduced. This is particularly important in cases where someone’s life hangs in the balance. After all, it is the validity of the evidence presented in court that helps the jury interrupt the facts of the case and, ultimately, come to a conclusion about what happened. See more property and evidence cabinets.

Compact cooling evidence locker conserves space

The compact cooling evidence locker is designed for non-hazardous evidence. It features stainless steel throughout its interior, as well as a front-door handle made of the same material. CUL and UL approved, the system is available in two, three and four-door configurations. An option with three doors in total, two of which are positioned from a vertical direction, is also available for bigger-sized evidence. The number of compartments that fit this compact cooling evidence locker range from two to four, depending on the chosen configuration. A “Power ON” digital temperature display allows for increased control when regulating the preset temperature ranging from (3°C to 5.5°C) 38°F to 42°F. An audible alarm preset at 36°F (low) and 44°F (high) sounds when the temperature of the compact cooling evidence locker is not balanced. A group of circulating and cooling fans help to keep the system’s climate in check. A keyless locking system prohibits depositors from re-accessing evidence placed inside. Number tags located on each door front help to track and manage inventory better. Access and maintenance of a separate lockable cold pack compartment is made easier, as well. In addition, this compact cooling evidence locker can be adapted to an existing system and is available for pass-thru, as well as non pass-thru lockers. And, because this system is compact, it requires less capacity to function. This means it effectively conserves space for more productive uses.

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Flexible drying cabinet for storing biological material

Highlights worth mentioning about the drying cabinet for storing biological material include the fact that it comes equipped with several components which are either adjustable or removable for improved flexibility. This allows for the system to be reconfigured with ease for optimal user ability. Features that make this possible include:

compact cooling evidence locker

  • One stainless steel removable hanger rod
  • Three stainless steel adjustable shelves
  • A removable fine mesh screen positioned over the floor drain
  • Removable drain/drip pan in base
  • Adjustable floor levelers in base

As is the case with the compact cooling evidence locker, this drying cabinet for storing biological material has a modular design. The interior and exterior of the system are also stainless steel. Units are shipped completely assembled and ready for use after being attached to on-site exhaust ducting and drain. It also includes a combination lock on the door for extra security. In addition, all the hardware needed to properly install this drying cabinet for storing biological material is included. See more police storage solutions.

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