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specialized police gear storage lockersA police department building that was built in the early 1960’s was completely out of space and couldn’t keep up with the rapid population growth of the city, which went from about 10,000 people to 50,000 in less than ten years. They decided to remodel and expand their existing space, but still wanted to make sure that this space was efficiently used. Because police departments are a specialized market, they needed to work with people that understand regulations and how each items needs to be stored. Southwest Solutions Group® worked with the department to designed specialized storage systems and lockers that would utilize their space efficiently while providing wholly accessible storage solutions for the staff. (see more public safety solutions)

Personal Police Gear Lockers

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The first order of business was replacing their personnel lockers. Previously, officers were using old school lockers that were original to the building. There wasn’t enough space for all of their gear, and the lockers didn’t offer any security for valuables. The lockers were replaced with 100 men’s and 40 women’s police gear lockers. Most of the lockers have benches, and some are designed to meet ADA requirements. Each locker has a cubby hole for keeping valuable items secure, a drawer for miscellaneous items, a rack for hanging garments, a bottom shelf for muddy boots and dirty items, and a compartment for paperwork. A soffit provides air extraction to keep the locker property ventilated, along with electricity outlets for items like razors and hair dryers.

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Pass-Through Evidence Lockers

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Pass-through evidence lockers with control lock technology were installed in the intake/bag and tag area. Officers log the evidence and select a locker; once the door is closed, the compartment cannot be accessed again. The software maintains information on the transaction and links with the department’s software. The evidence officer in the back room can then retrieve the evidence and assign it to a location in the evidence storage room. The lockers allow officers to maintain the chain of custody throughout the entire process and track where it’s been and where it’s currently located.

To remove evidence, the tech locates the evidence and places it in a locker that can’t be accessed again. The officer on the other side retrieves it, and software records which locker the evidence was stored in. This system provides efficiency and prevents missing or tampered evidence.

Lockers and benches were also installed for the turnout room and SWAT division. The gear lockers include a top shelf, hanger bar, a bottom shelf for bags, bulletproof vests, goggles, and other equipment, and padlocks.

Corridor 134, an area where special gear for SWAT is stored, was also outfitted with tall lockers with combination locks that have a capacity for 30 weapons such as high-powered sniper rifles and shot guns.

High Density, Static Shelving, & Pallet Racks for Evidence

mechanical assist high density mobile storage systemThree high density mechanical assist mobile systems were also installed in the evidence storage room. One system is for permanent evidence, one is for DNA evidence, and the last is for short-term and day-to-day evidence and firearm evidence.

Static shelving was also installed in the archive room for files; the valuables storage room for jewelry, money, etc.; and in another file room for cases that require secure access.

Pallet racks and wide span shelving was installed in the evidence room for storing large oversized items like couches, bedding, TVs, stereo systems, lawn mowers, and bikes.

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All of these storage systems were combined to create a seamless and efficient solution for the police department. Southwest Solutions Group provides design and installation services for specialized storage systems and lockers for police departments just like this one. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact storage needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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