Our call center furniture addresses significant pain points experienced by 911 telecommunicators and emergency management teams. We offer 911 call center furniture that meets emergency dispatch centers’ demands and needs. This furniture is carefully crafted to optimize efficiency and ergonomics while also ensuring comfort and durability for prolonged use. 

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The Challenge

Dispatch call center furnitureReal-time crime centers have unique requirements when choosing call center workstations. Being an emergency dispatcher is difficult for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, the job is incredibly intense and stressful; at any moment, you could answer the phone to a panicked caller and alter the course of their lives depending on your actions. Being uncomfortable at your desk should not be an option.

Over 240 million 911 calls are made in the US each year. When those calls come, the need to multitask comes into play. Calling 911 quickly connects a caller to a nearby Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatcher trained to route a call to local emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement agencies.

Having these challenges, the design and quality of 911 call center furniture have never been more critical.  Choosing the best option for your command center benefits the health of the dispatcher.

The Solution: 911 Consoles

When it comes down to it, there are three elements dispatchers need in a robust call center furniture design. They are:
911 command station dispatch furniture

  1. Space: Locating and arranging the dispatch center to benefit the representative and provide space to conduct their work with as little stress as possible.
  2. Sound: Enabling communication within and beyond the dispatch center at the desk level. The desk functions as a 911 console.
  3. Occupational health: Having fully ergonomic and adjustable furniture offers health and wellbeing to the dispatcher.

We meet these life-saving requirements with the 911 consoles we offer. Our designers consider layout when offering their models by being space-saving experts. Our designs ensure that multitasking, essential sound clarity, and the dispatcher’s physical wellbeing is all part of the package. Click to see more public safety storage solutions.


The Benefits of Our 911 Call Center Furniture

Call center command furniture for 911 dispatchersIf you are not directly involved with staffing a 911 communications center, you likely do not realize the challenges cities face in retaining telecommunicators.

Providing the right tools for the job, including specialized call center desks, is one way Comm Centers prioritize community safety and protect public funding from the high spending associated with higher-than-average turnover.

There are benefits sometimes missed during the evaluation of call center workstations. Here are some high-lighted benefits:

  • Sit-to-stand height adjustability
  • PC, rack mount, ancillary equipment stowage + dedicated cable channels for power and data
  • Monitor mount with adjustment; optional focal depth adjustment
  • Full-unit power connection to building + built-in, plug-and-play tech interface
  • Built to withstand 24/7 use for a decade or more
  • Improve ergonomics to reduce body strain
  • Boost efficiency and productivity by providing comfortable workstations that allow the staff to focus on the task at hand
  • Modular design allows you to relocate and rearrange the call center desk

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