Being a police dispatcher isn’t an easy job. Dispatchers sit at desks for shifts of eight hours or longer, looking at multiple screens and dealing with high-stress calls. The job often has a high turnover rate, but it’s essential to have dispatchers available to deal with emergency calls at all hours of the day and night. An ergonomic and efficient work environment goes a long way in reducing the stress of a dispatcher, helping them stay alert and effective, and lowering the turnover rate. We offer public safety dispatch furniture designed to create an optimal work environment for police dispatchers.

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Dispatch Console Furniture

Dispatch workstation furniture for public safetyWe provide dispatch console furniture to create a better working environment for public safety answering point (PSAP) operations and 911 dispatch centers. Our dispatch workstations are designed for ergonomics and flexibility.

Our dispatch workstations are available in individual or group systems and can be configured to best meet your facility’s needs. Each console is easily adjustable for the user’s convenience and provides ample workspace for each dispatcher and storage space for equipment and personal items.

More features of the police dispatch consoles include:

  • Corner or linear configurations
  • Electric sit-stand height adjustment
  • Height-adjustable monitor array
  • Cable management systems
  • Technology wall with multiple access points
  • Ventilated technology cabinets
  • Power and data outlets
  • Task and ambient dimmer lighting
  • Personal climate control system

Learn more about the features of our different variants of command console furniture here.

Benefits of Dispatch Furniture

Dispatch workstations for public safetyErgonomics

Ergonomics is one of the essential qualities to look for in 911 dispatch furniture. No one wants to work long hours in an uncomfortable and unsightly environment, especially if the job is already as stressful as that of a dispatcher. For dispatchers to do their jobs well and be willing to retain their positions long-term, they must have a comfortable and ergonomic work environment. See command center videos.

Our dispatch console furniture maximizes ergonomics and user comfort. First, users can adjust the heights of both the desk and the monitors. The workstations have a seamless, expansive work surface that users can electronically adjust to an ergonomic height. This also allows dispatchers to work sitting or standing and easily transition between positions without needing to adjust other desktop equipment.

Operators can also adjust the height of their monitors independently of the work surface. The systems also facilitate manual focal depth adjustment, so dispatchers can easily adjust the viewing distance of their screens to reduce eye strain and neck tension.

Several optional accessories are available to maximize user comfort at the dispatch workstations. For example, a personal climate control system provides heating or cooling to an operator to increase the comfort of their work environment. Dimmable task lights and ambient lighting help reduce eye strain and further enable dispatchers to adjust their work environment to their comfort level.

An ergonomic workstation enables dispatchers to work more efficiently with fewer distractions, which is crucial when dealing with emergencies. The functional design of our dispatch console furniture ensures that dispatchers will have the perfect workstation for optimal comfort and productivity.


Furniture for law enforcement dispatchers in public safetyModular, customizable, and available in various configurations, our police dispatch consoles provide excellent flexibility for control rooms. The workstations are available in linear or corner configurations; both styles occupy a similar footprint. You can choose which option best suits your team or blend configurations in one control center for optimal workflow.

The flexible console configurations make the most of your available space while providing a spacious and ergonomic work environment for each team member. And because the workstations are modular, they can easily be relocated or rearranged if needs change.

Technology Integration

Dispatch control center furniture for public safetyTechnology plays a vital role in a dispatcher’s job, and dispatching center console furniture provides effective technology integration to help dispatchers do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Depending on your console configuration, technology may be integrated and stored with a technology wall or a base frame. Either way, critical equipment will be safely stored and accessible when needed. Additional storage cabinets with ventilation incorporate to house technology within easier reach of the user.

Cable management systems organize and protect cables from entanglement or damage, including cable chases, troughs, and energy chains. Enclosed storage areas for cables and other equipment free up the workspace and make the workstation more aesthetically pleasing. 

Convenience outlets, including USB ports and power outlets are available on a desktop dashboard within easy reach of the operator. These and the other technological features of the console workstations help to facilitate the comfort and efficiency of the dispatcher.


While aesthetics may not be the most important factor in an effective dispatch center, an aesthetic environment can help dispatchers feel more comfortable in the space and improve their work experience.

Public safety dispatch consoles are available in various wood and fabric tones to create a calming, pleasant aesthetic for your dispatch center. You can choose from designer-recommended finish schemes or create a unique palette of your own.

These police dispatch consoles offer pleasing aesthetics, optimal ergonomics, flexibility, and technological integration, creating the best possible work environment for valued dispatchers.

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