Criminal History Record Scanning for Nebraska State Patrol

nchip government grants for criminal record scanningSouthwest Solutions Group® is currently implementing a CJIS compliant digital on-site scanning and digitization project of all criminal history record jackets for the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP). Through the National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP), the NSP received $1.2 million in grant money to complete the project. There was no room for error on this project due to the confidentiality of the data, and the NSP wanted a digitization and scanning team that could do the job without a doubt. And since the NSP didn’t have much experience with document scanning, they also wanted to be sure that the chosen team would be able to guide them and answer any questions they had—and questions they didn’t even know to ask. This is one of the many reasons they chose Southwest Solutions Group. Learn more about high-speed document scanning services.

CJIS Compliant On-Site Scanning

There were still many challenges throughout the project. With a staff of 25 members, all of which were certified CJIS compliant, we developed a unique training program for the identification of over 14 document types (i.e., fingerprints, supporting documentation, rap sheets, pardons, dispositions, etc.). The scanning team matched documents that related to specific arrest dates to allow officers to see a complete criminal history instantly. Biohazard records also needed to be scanned in a safe and OSHA-compliant manner.

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We utilize stringing CJIS controls with chain of custody and provided tracking for every file that moved from one task to another. Not just some files—all of them. To ensure maximum security, an on-site and closed CJIS compliant network was set up. Every staff member completed full fingerprint background checks and CJIS training.

By the completion of the project, over 300K files and an estimated 6 – 10 million images will have been scanned on-site in high-quality color. Our scanners and scanning technology integrated with their existing electronic document management system to further save time. The scanning team also rebuilt and secured paper files with security tape for future destruction.

The project is a huge success. Troy Lonth, NSP’s Project Manager, raves:

“Southwest Solutions Group is highly professional and knowledgeable in the area of digital scanning. My organization has been working with SSG on scanning our highly sensitive and complex records. Their expertise has been extraordinarily beneficial to us as nobody in our organization has any knowledge of this process. They were able to easily guide us through the process, ask us the right questions, and explain the pros and cons to help us decide how to complete this project. I would STRONGLY recommend SSG for anyone who is considering digitizing records.”

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides on-site CJIS compliant criminal history record scanning and digitization. We will even scan, index, and upload a box of your records for free so you can try our services before you buy. For more information or to speak with a scanning specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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