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A Vertical Carousel Helps With Managing Storage Space, People, and Inventory

Vertical Carousel & Storage Systems

Whether your business is consolidating or growing, strategically managing your overhead costs will make a difference in your bottom-line profitability. Three main costs for most organizations are space, people, and inventory. Successful businesses maximize their use of floor space, enhance morale to improve worker productivity and control inventory so that they can lower overhead costs and maintain efficiency. If you’re questioning how you can do this for your business, investing in a Vertical Carousel storage system is the answer. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels.

Vertical Carousels Maximize Warehouse Storage Floor Space

ergonomic vertical carousel workstation

Kardex Vertical Carousels are enclosed storage systems that are comprised of vertically arranged trays that rotate to deliver stored goods, parts, and items to a work counter. Vertical Carousels are able to convert unused overhead and vertical space into productive storage space, which will save up to 80% of your floor space when compared to traditional storage methods. A Vertical Carousel storage system’s small footprint makes them the perfect choice for point-of-use storage to free up floor space for value-added manufacturing and assembly operations.

Kardex Vertical Carousels Enhance Morale to Improve Worker Productivity

Because stored items are brought to an ergonomic work counter, Vertical Storage Carousel allows operators to fill orders without walking through aisles searching for items, then bending and climbing to retrieve them. This system enhances morale, which improves productivity and system throughput by reducing pull and restocking times. Vertical Carousels can increase workload efficiency by 40% or more, which makes your business more efficient.

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vertical carousel rotatingA Vertical Carousel Controls and Monitors Inventory

The Kardex Vertical Carousel’s inventory management software is called FastPic. FastPic is an integrated inventory management system designed to automate inventory tracking. With the FastPic software, supervisors can control and manage user rights and group rights. Each transaction is monitored and tracked providing real-time inventory data.

Designing and Installing Kardex Vertical Carousels

Designing and installing Vertical Carousel system is an important part of our business Call us today at 1-866-445-8859 or send us a message for a free 30-minute storage assessment to see how a Kardex Vertical Carousel system can reduce your overhead costs to make your business more profitable.


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