Storing Museum Artifacts on Mezzanines

two story mezzanine with steel shelving unitsWith the average price of commercial real estate increasing continuously, businesses often face the challenge of finding additional storage capacity for their ever-growing stock on a limited budget. One museum that housed a large collection of artifacts and archival images installed a two-story mezzanine with steel shelving to utilize their vertical space and accommodate their growing collection. (See videos see videos)

Saving Space with Vertical Storage

With the museum’s collection growing at a rate of five to six new items each day, its storage space was being quickly overrun. Instead of constructing a new facility or expanding their existing space, vertical storage allowed them to avoid construction costs to their existing facility completely. Click here to learn more about mezzanines.
mezzanine with shelving stores museum artifacts archival images
The museum was able to double their storage for artifacts and archival images by installing a 20-foot high industrial steel shelving system with a two-story mezzanine to allow easy access to the upper levels.
Sturdy shelves and drawers with dividers keep everything organized and easy for staff to find and retrieve. Now, the museum has enough space for their existing collection and even has plenty of room to grow for the future.
Mezzanines are incredibly versatile storage systems and can be used in nearly any application. They can be relocated or reconfigured any time your needs changing, allowing ultimate storage flexibility. They can easily be modified to fit around your existing equipment, building columns, partitions, offices, or other obstructions. Mezzanines also easily integrate with your existing heating, cooling, and fire suppression systems and are compatible with forklifts and mezzanine elevators.
Click here to buy museum storage shelving online. For heavier applications, click here to view heavy-duty shelving units.

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