Parts Room Management with Horizontal Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules

Kubota Canada recently made the change from mezzanines and hi bay shelving to automated horizontal carousels and vertical lift modules. Kubota has a very large inventory of parts for their tractor and utility vehicles and when a customer needs a part, they have to be able to supply it even if it only gets picked once a year. In two phases, they installed new motorized wire shelving and automated lift system that allows them to provide parts to their customers quickly and efficiently while saving enough floor space to have the capacity to sustain future growth (view motorized wire shelving photos). Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

Phase One: Motorized Wire Shelving Carousels

Before, Kubota had three floors of mezzanines that occupied over 9,000 square feet. They needed many employees for picking parts because it took them so much time to walk up and down the stairs. The mezzanines were also becoming a safety hazard because workers were tripping over each other to get to the parts they needed at the right level. Kubota replaced the mezzanines with motorized horizontal carousels that only occupy 2,600 square feet. Worker ergonomics and labor costs were drastically improved because they now only need one person to run the horizontal carousels.

Phase Two: Space Saving Vertical Lift Modules

Previously, Kubota had parts stored in hi bay shelving that took up 3,600 square feet and they were running out of room. They were contemplating a costly building expansion but decided to invest in vertical lift modules instead. Because the vertical lift modules only occupy 620 square feet and save so much floor space, they didn’t need to expand the building.

Automated Parts Management Benefits

Kubota experienced many of the benefits that come with automated parts management including,

  • 90% Increase in picking productivity in horizontal zone
  • Picking productivity in vertical lift module zone doubled
  • 71% floor space savings in horizontal zone
  • 83% floor space savings in vertical lift module zone
  • Improved worker ergonomics
  • Capacity to sustain growth for the next 5-8 years

Automated Parts Storage Systems Designed for Your Warehouse

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