Fast & Accurate Small Parts Picking Increases Customer Retention

Mispicked parts and missed cutoff times are bad for business because these issues will lead to unhappy customers that quite often won’t come back. Keeping customers satisfied is what drives profits and ultimately leads to your company’s success. Fast and accurate small parts picking for orders is essential for customer retention. With Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels, your business will be able to almost eliminate mispicks, reduce restocking, and gain control over inventory. (view images of Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels)

Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels Provide 99.9% Pick Accuracy

Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels are designed to assist employees with fast and accurate small parts picking. Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels house parts in multiple sizes of bins and rotate to bring them directly to the operator. Because employees will no longer need to walk, climb, and search for parts, items are able to be picked extremely fast. Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

horizontal carousels for fast and accurate small parts picking Also, the Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels queue up batch picking instructions and automatically move the carousel to the next item for picking once each pick has been completed. To make sure the correct parts are picked, the Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels use LED lights to indicate which bin the operator needs to pick from and how many parts need to be picked. All of this combined helps the Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels provide a 99.9% pick accuracy.

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Southwest Solutions Group® is a full service dealer of Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels. We will provide design, installation, relocation, and maintenance services for Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels for your facility. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area today about how you can use Horizontal Revolving Storage Carousels to increase customer retention.


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