reducing temperatures and air pollutants

wind-powered exhaust turbines reduce temperatures up to 10 degreesPoor air quality and hot, stale air can negatively workers, equipment, and livestock. Summer heat can also make employees less productive; a study showed that for every degree rise in temperature above 77°F, productivity dropped by 2%. Add on heat-related injuries and sickness as a result of poor ventilation and you could be looking at significant losses and worker compensation costs. Wind-powered exhaust turbines reduce temperatures and decontaminate air while reducing your energy costs. (See videos)

reducing temperatures without electricity

The wind-powered exhaust turbines are completely wind-driven, which means they require no electrical operating or wiring costs. The economical design requires very little maintenance and is built to withstand adverse weather with low structural impact and quiet operation. With just a wind breeze at 10 mph, the wind-powered exhaust turbines can exhaust over 7,000 CFM, allowing multiple air exchanges per hour to decontaminate the air in your facility. Because the exhaust fans reduce trapped ceiling heat, they can also help reduce the temperature in your facility by as much as 10°F. A more comfortable and clean working environment means safer conditions to enhance worker productivity and keep equipment in peak condition.

wind-powered exhaust turbines reduce temperatures & air pollutants without electricity

Additional Benefits Of wind-powered exhaust turbines

In addition to extracting air pollutants and creating a clean working environment, other benefits of the wind-driven exhaust fans include:

  • Natural operation: no electrical operating costs or wiring costs
  • Very low maintenance
  • Minimal structural impact
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Includes manufacturer’s 15 year warranty
  • Fire-rated and meets requirements of Low Speed Dynamic Rain Penetration Test
  • Manufactured from 5005 grade aluminum specifically designed to stand up to adverse weather; tested in continuous wind speeds up to 149 mph without damage
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 24″ to 36″ in diameter

wind-powered exhaust turbines decontaminate air

Contact Us For wind-powered exhaust turbines

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for wind-powered exhaust turbines that reduce temperatures and decontaminate air in a wide variety of applications including commercial, warehousing, manufacturing, agricultural, and recreational facilities. SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your facility’s exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with an agricultural specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.



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