Buffering & Sequencing of Orders Using Vertical Carousels

sort to ship case sequencing bufferingThe “goods-to-person” principle used for automated storage is becoming increasingly common in warehouse and distribution applications, as it improves efficiency and worker safety along with saving time and money. Now customers are able to group together order lines from various storage systems, including static and automated storage, by using sort to ship case sequencing and buffering. Vertical conveyor carousels can be added to automatically extract orders and transport them to packaging or shipping stations. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels

Sort to Ship with Vertical Conveyor Carousels

By combining a group of vertical conveyor carousels with a simple inserter/extractor device, conveyor system, and inventory management software, you can create a sort to ship solution for the case sequencing and buffering of goods. By integrating vertical conveyor carousels, you can provide additional and significant floor space savings and increases in overall productivity.

vertical conveyor carousel order batching sequencingThis solution allows users to bundle order lines, even those that have been picked from different storage systems such as lifts, shelves, and carousels, into one order at a time to save on costs. Orders are placed in totes, which are then transported via conveyor and automatically stored in a vertical conveyor carousel using its inserter/extractor. When the order needs to be released, totes are automatically extracted from the carousel according to customer-specific requirements—for example, loading sequence or desired delivery time. The orders are then transported to the packing or shipping station.

Sort to ship is controlled automatically and helps increase the order picking performance by up to 35 percent. This method is especially useful for e-commerce businesses who have their own storage/distribution centers and handle thousands of order lines at a time. Due temperature control options with vertical carousels, this method is also ideal for food production and distribution.

Click here for more information about automated storage systems for warehousing and distribution applications.

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