Maximize Floor Space with Vertical Storage Towers

vertical storage towers stacked floor to ceiling maximizes spaceFloor space in manufacturing and distribution facilities is expensive. It’s even more expensive when the available storage floor space could be used for production lines or other revenue generating functions. Most people think that they need to lease more space or build a new facility when they really just need to take advantage of their existing space. Vertical Storage Towers will help you optimize your current storage floor space so you can avoid taking on more lease space or building a new facility. The Vertical Storage Towers maximize warehouse floor space by using overhead air space as storage space, removing access aisles, and maximizing the storage cube to best store parts. (view images of Vertical Storage Towers) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

How Vertical Storage Towers Maximize Warehouse Floor Space

Many people underestimate the space required to access parts from shelves. In fact, most of our site surveys find that traditional storage shelving only uses 50% of the available cubic storage space compared to a Vertical Storage Tower. For example, traditional storage shelving requires access aisles for employees to walk through to access parts, and unnecessary reach space for them to pull parts.

Vertical Storage Towers are different because they have large storage trays that are stacked vertically with only 1/2″ of space between tray levels. This eliminates the wasted reach space between traditional shelf levels. Also, the Vertical Storage Towers deliver parts to an ergonomically positioned work counter, which eliminates the need for aisle space because employees are no longer walking around and looking for parts.

Additional Benefits of the Vertical Storage Towersmaximize warehouse floor space with vertical storage towers

In addition to maximizing warehouse floor space, Vertical Storage Towers,

  • Increase accuracy and productivity using pick to light technology
  • Automate inventory management to eliminate stock-outs and manage reorder levels
  • Flexible to store a wide range of parts sizes and weights
  • Security (the Vertical Storage Towers are fully enclosed with a locking door)

Contact Us for Vertical Storage Towers for Your Facility

Southwest Solutions Group® is a full service dealer of Vertical Storage Towers. We will provide design, installation, relocation, and maintenance services for Vertical Storage Towers for your facility so that you can maximize warehouse floor space. Give us a call toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with the representative in your area today.


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