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Streamline warehouse operations with batch picking software

batch picking software

Companies lose thousands of dollars per year by using time that should be spent fulfilling orders searching for inventory.  Batch picking software for order consolidation is especially useful for large warehouses because it eliminates much of the time spent walking long distances to gather orders together. However, smaller warehouses benefit from batch picking software as well by dramatically increasing pick rates and reducing human error, and thus increasing customer satisfaction. (See videos see videos

Batch picking software's inventory tracking capabilities help streamline warehouse operations to make batch picking and order fulfillment as efficient as possible. While the initial cost of implementing batch picking software may seem daunting, ROI of using batch picking systems usually turns out to be higher than a company's current system. Furthermore, there are many batch picking strategies that can be used for your warehouse's specific needs. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

inventory tracking with batch picking software

streamline warehouse operations

Efforts to streamline warehouse operations are often stalled, halted, or never even considered because traditional methods are the way they've "always done it." Installing, implementing, paying for, and training employees on new software is a hefty task, but your warehouse operations will run much more smoothly and efficiency with boosts in employee productivity with the right kind of software. The software eventually pays for itself in the amount of money saved. (See videos see videos)

One of the ways this software can help streamline warehouse operations is with the inventory tracking capabilities that come with a batch picking system. Batch picking software with order management systems arrange groups of orders in the most efficient picking sequences to eliminate redundant processes. Some systems can produce alerts when inventory is getting low and can even automatically order more. RFID technology is also available to track inventory to improve accuracy of picking and storing. This ensures that the correct items are being ships and reduces or eliminates costs associated with lost, misplaced, or mis-picked items. There are many different types of systems and applications available to help you streamline warehouse operations depending on your needs.

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Finding and understanding all of the information available on batch picking systems can be an arduous task. Southwest Solutions Group® can help you gather information an decide on which warehouse management systems are right for you. Southwest Solutions provides consultation and implementation services to all types of businesses interested in streamlining their warehouse operations. To learn more or to speak with a warehouse management specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.


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