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Last updated: April 20, 2016

Space-efficient personal storage lockers increase accountability

space efficient personal storage lockersEstablish a central location for military mission equipment to be kept by having space-efficient personal storage lockers installed on base. They serve as effective storage to have on hand when increased accountability of government-issued inventory is needed. This is because they are designed to secure gear and prevent property loss. In fact, a group of national guardsmen used them for that exact purpose at their readiness center. With its installation, the need to continue storing gear and equipment at their residences was eliminated. The hassle of having to go through a financial liability investigation of property loss (FLIPL) was also less likely (see more storage lockers for military gear).

Space-efficient personal storage lockers secure property

These space-efficient personal storage lockers can be tailored to fit in any space available and configured to meet your needs. In the case of the national guard profiled in this case study, space was borrowed from other places to accommodate the installation. Classrooms were converted and shipping containers, measuring 20-foot-long, were used to hold up to 18 lockers a piece. The lockers were able to secure gear and prevent property loss so well, in part, thanks to the perforated mesh doors. Contents stored inside were effectively hidden from view, without obstructing air flow. This allowed for the integrity of equipment to remain protected while in storage.

Space-efficient personal storage lockers maximize storage efficiency

secure gear and prevent property lossThese space-efficient personal storage lockers are designed with an increased amount of flexibility. Its interior is spacious enough to hold any number of items. This allows for maximum storage efficiency to be taken advantage of. They were used to accommodate the storing of larger mobility bags and other equipment, in the case of the national guard. Military lockers and secure cabinets for war bags are also available, in addition to space-efficient personal storage lockers (watch video). 

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