Benefits of Smart Keyless Lockers

smart employee lockerEmployees are the biggest asset for any successful business. That is the reason why companies often invest in creating a good workplace environment for their employees. One way you can boost employee morale is by offering them a secure place to store their belongings while they are at the office. However, traditional lockers seem too cumbersome to fit this modern context of a friendly workplace. These lockers lack the features and capabilities needed for efficient storage and retrieval of items.

Smart lockers are a modern alternative that is easier to implement and use. It wouldn’t hurt to experience the benefits of smart lockers for your employees. Let’s find out how these modern smart locker systems meet the unique storage needs of employees.

Forget the Keys

Smart locker technology has evolved to develop smart locker systems that are keyless. With smart keyless lockers, you do not have to burden yourself with carrying your keys. Instead, smart lockers can be accessed in more convenient ways such as:

Fingerprint Scanner: A fingerprint is a unique biometric ID. Smart lockers with fingerprint scanners will only unlock if it registers the owner’s fingerprint ID. The technology is similar to the ones available on today’s smartphones.

RFID: Digital lockers can also work with RFID tags. They are much easier to manage and carry compared to keys. Employees can keep a tag in their wallets and show the wallet to the locker’s RFID scanner to open it.

Keypad: Keypad locks consist of a numeric keypad attached to the workplace locker box. Employees can enter the unique code or PIN to unlock the locker.

Say Goodbye to Logbooks, Hello to Smart Tracking!

With traditional lockers, employees may need to write their contact details in a logbook before accessing the locker. Otherwise, there is no other way of knowing if users accessed their locker if an audit is issued.

Digital lockers don’t require signature logs. The locker will automatically generate logs when accessed and save the data to a central database. Since it can store the data and access time, users cannot tamper with the digital lockers in any way.

Modern-Day Convenience with Touchscreens

intelligent locker smart storageSmart lockers can be outfitted with a touchscreen. A robust kiosk will power the system and provide the user with necessary functions such as changing the password or viewing the logbook.


With touch technology becoming more pervasive, it’s no surprise touch is incorporated into a smart locker solution. When storage lockers meet software, there is always a question of how scalable they can become. You cannot just keep adding the lockers on a wall and expect the software to pick everything up. Well, it is that simple!

There is always a mainframe software that monitors an array of lockers. You can add more lockers to the array and update them in the software.

Types of Smart Lockers

There are several types of smart storage lockers, each built around a purpose. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of intelligent lockers.

Storage Lockers: These are the most basic intelligent lockers designed to hold valuable objects or materials. When you compare a smart storage locker with an ordinary one, the major difference is that the smart storage locker is keyless. It uses either a numeric pin or fingerprint scanners. For employees, smart lockers provide the best solution to store their belongings during their time in the office.

Pickup Lockers: Pickup lockers are a storage solution that holds objects for a particular owner. Usually, pickup lockers are used to store products meant for specific users, in this case, employees. The parcel service provider will drop off the package in a smart pickup locker. When the package gets loaded, the employee will receive a message to access the package with a unique password. Once the package gets picked up, the locker will update the log to notify that it is available for storage again, taking off the burden of tracking mails and packages for all employees.

24/7 Parcel Locker Kits for Condos & Apartments   

Number of Condos/Apartments
Total Locker Compartments
XSmall Compartments (5”H x 13.5”W)*
Small Compartments (10”H x 13.5”W)*
Medium Compartments (16.25”H x 13.5”W)*
Large Compartments (33.25”H x 22.5”W)*
100 Units
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600 Units
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700 Units
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800 Units
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900 Units
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* All compartment openings are 13.5″ wide x 22.5″ deep (except large compartments)


Using Smart Lockers as Day Lockers for Employees

smart locker mobile appDay lockers are ideal for employees looking to store their personal belongings when they enter the office. It is the office’s responsibility to provide a secure storage solution if they plan to implement such a service. Smart lockers work great as day lockers because they are much easier to manage when compared to traditional lockers.

For example, in a traditional locker system, an employee has to open and lock the locker with a key. The next step is to store the key somewhere safe. If the employee loses the key, there is no other way to access the locker except by picking the lock or breaking the locker entirely.

A smart locker provides a much more modern solution. An employee can access the locker either with a PIN or an RFID card. The company can integrate the RFID feature into the ID Cards of the employees to ease the process further. Essentially, smart lockers provide keyless access for the employees to access their lockers. Other benefits of smart lockers are:

  • Compatible with all popular card readers
  • Interconnect modules for easy implementation and scaling
  • A single PC controller can manage 250 locker systems
  • Each access creates automatic local database collections
  • Uses CAT5 structured cabling platform for simple plug and play networking

Enter the Age of Smart Offices

Companies today are slowly transitioning their infrastructure towards smart. The idea is to provide new-age technologies and comfort to the employees to boost their productivity and morale.

Smart offices require smart devices. A smart locker for employees gels well with this idea. Here are some of the additional reasons why you would want to implement such a storage solution.

Looks Smart and Modern: Gone are the days where you have to move the locker section to the back of the office to hide the unsightly design. They are smart in terms of their looks too! The clean laminate finish of the smart lockers ensures that they fit in with the modern interiors of your office. It is also possible to customize the appearance of these lockers to suit your office theme.

Mobile App Accessibility: You can configure these smart lockers to open with a mobile app. Here the employee can access their lockers without having to carry even the RFID card. Since smart lockers are wifi-enabled, they can communicate with other electronic devices easily. Employees just need to install the locker app on their phones to lock and unlock these storage boxes with a button tap.keyless electronic employee lockers

Device Charging: Smart electronic lockers have power outputs integrated within the storage space. Employees can charge their laptops or mobile devices within the locker itself, providing an additional layer of convenience to them. Electronic devices can sip battery even if you are not actively using it. A smart employee locker prevents such occurrences and keeps devices juiced up and ready to use.

Ventilated Storage: Storage spaces that hold electronics require proper ventilation to offset the heat generated by the devices. Even if the device stored is switched off, it will generate heat if it’s charging. Smart lockers have ventilation in the form of cutouts or active cooling features, depending on the selected model.

Locker Management Software: While this particular feature is not meant for the employees, it is necessary for the entire office. It is a larger part of what makes these lockers smart. The locker management software enables the office admins to remotely assign lockers to the employees. The software can track available lockers, making it easier for the admin staff to identify which lockers are empty and occupied. The software also enables the administrator to reset the locker’s password when employees forget their password. Management can also quickly add, modify, or cancel locker access with the software. There is no need to pick the locks!

Easy Auditing: The office must record a log each time employees store or empty their lockers for safety reasons. Auditing also makes it easy to notify about occupied and empty lockers ready to be assigned to new employees. In a traditional storage system, this log usually gets recorded in a physical logbook. And, auditing also happens manually, where a person will have to go through hundreds of records to find anomalies. With smart lockers, logs generate instantly in the database each time an employee accesses the locker. Since the data is electronic, you can quickly sift through different datasets with filters and search inputs.

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